recommendations on Laminator for applying transfer tape (high volumes 400+yd per day))

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I'm looking to purchase the RSC-1401CLTW laminator and have a couple of questions.
The laminator will be used only for applying transfer tape (nekoosa 775) to vinyl (mostly greenstar), all 30" width. The vinyl will be mostly sheets ranging from 4ft to 10ft in length. Will this laminator be suitable for this type of work when sandwiched between two work tables shown in the attached image. Do you have any other solutions or recommendations on applying transfer tape to sheets in high volume (400+ yd per day).
I've attached an image showing the kind of set up I've seen people using and I'm thinking of trying something similar.
I recently purchased CWT table and while it is good and easier that applying tape manually, it is slower due to having to "square up and load" the tape after every section
Any tips or tricks to making a setup like this work are welcome


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