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Venturing into wallpaper???

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I've been doing some research on expanding my vinyl decal business to the wallpaper business. Specifically, peel and stick printed wallpaper. I'm interested in designing the wallpaper, but not so much in actually printing it (no room, funds or interest in having a big 'ol printer and dealing with ink in my garage). Would prefer to team up with a vendor to do the printing.

And that brings me to why I'm posting. I've had a heck of a time locating a vendor that does this. I'm still in the planning stages, seeing if this is even something I want to get into, so I haven't decided if I want a vendor that prints to order (possible drop-shipping direct to customers) or a vendor that I have to order stock from. 

Does anyone have any leads on printers that could do this? I have an account with 4Over, and they do print 8mil indoor vinyl, but I'm not sure they're who I want to go with. 

For reference, here's a super cute website I stumbled upon that does exactly the sort of thing I'm interested in doing:

Any help greatly appreciated!

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