Ed McCarron

New to stencil cutting...

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Been lightly using (3,4 times a month...) my MH-871 for a few years now.  Sign vinyl works great.  I almost have a clue.

Tried to make a one-off reusable stencil by purchasing a roll of Oracal 811.  Not quite what I was looking for.

So here are my questions.  Yeah, I'm still learning... :)

1)  Will something like this:   GreenStar 7010 SSB Synthetic Stencil Board-Cut (SSB-Cut) 100Ft, Non-Adhesive Reusable Material
require using transfer tape still?  I'm cutting a stencil (in sections) that's about 4' x 6'.  Letters are between 3 and 6 inches high.

2)  Will my cheesy little MH even cut this?  I'm having no problem with 3 mil material, but 10 seems like it's gonna be trouble.  Will a 60 degree blade help?

3)  Am I in over my head and better off farming this one out?


I'm looking to cut something (or a few somethings) that I can tack down to a chunk of plywood with masking tape and dab paint through.  Reusable is a bonus.



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