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scan motor error...PLEASE HELP ME

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I recently changed the scan motor in my SP 540v...the reason I changed it was the old one was that it was so worn out that the gear (armature) was wobbling...

My printer is about 8 yrs old so I was ready and had a spare and figured that changing it would end my problem and I would move on with life...WRONG!

I have a service manual and did it all to spec and when I got to the "aging" point it was doing fine for a few minutes and then it happened...the dreaded "Scan Motor Error"....Aarrgg!!!

I shut it down and re started it and it came right back to normal with the readout saying 52.5 etc...
I thought "ok"...let's try again...of course, same thing happened...

I then realized that it did have a little drag when moving the carraiges by hand so I figured that it might be sensing the drag and throwing the code so I started taking it apart, removing all of the covers as well as the encoder strip so as not to damage it...
FYI (I recently changed the encoder strip as well as the strip sensor)

I commenced to cleaning the rail as well as "guides" on both sides of both carriages...I call them guides because I don't no the correct name for them...if you imagine the carraige as a rail "plow" it would be the part that actually makes contact with the rail and "plows" along it,eventually accumulating all the old oil "gook" on both ends of the carriage...
I hope I explained that well enough for you to get what I mean... :)

So...anyway...I cleaned the "gook" really good with alcohol and swabs and finally used 3 in 1 oil on the rail and moved the carriages back and forth several times until the carriages kind of "glided" very nicely and smoothly...a HUGE improvement...

I carefully reinstalled the encoder strip and did the set up for it successfully and figured that I was "good to go"...
I then fired up a print and it started printed better than it has in years...SMOOOOTH as could be, gliding back and forth as nicely as a dream...

I am at my wits end...the problem is compounded by me living over 2 hrs from the nearest service folks and they get several hundred dollars just to come look at it and it goes up from there...
One thing I am considering is the wear on the large white gear from the wobbling pinion gear...:huh: If it has altered the teeth and then a non-wobbling motor was installed, would that cause anything like friction etc that might be causing my problem...possibly...:huh:

PLEASE HELP ME....I would VERY much appreciate it :)

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