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ChromaBlast on Dark Colored t-shirt with ChromaDark paper??

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I did some research this weekend regarding using ChromaBlast ink/paper on non-white colored t-shirts. While doing so, I came across a website that claims using their ChromaDark paper (11"x17" - 100pc for $225 or 8"x11" - 100pc for $110) and ChromaBlast ink, one will be able to print on darker colored t-shirts, even black with no problem.

Has anyone ever tried ChromaDark? What is your opinion?

Taken from website:

"With ChromaDark 3G Jet Opaque transfer paper from EnMart, you use the same ChromaBlast ink, printer, and driver, except you are printing onto a thin white base layer on top of a paper sheet, which is then trimmed either by hand or a cutter, peeled apart, and heat-pressed onto a 100% cotton shirt. The end result is a high quality photo-realistic image on any color of t-shirt - even black, having a softer hand and better drape than with other opaque transfer papers."


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