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  1. Hello all....

    I've in a dilemma here. I would like some guidance on how to edit this font to change only the color of the 'line detail' that is wrapped around the actual letters.

    Can this be done in CDX4? Photoshop? Inkscape?

    I'd like to leave the font colors alone, but only darken the detail to charcoal.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.






  2. The fonts design is what I want to keep, however, I'd like to change only the color of the line detail drawn into the letters. In other words, break apart the font to create separate layers; one for the line details, one for the actual letter without detail.

    Here is a jpg





  3. Hello everyone!

    I's like to 'break apart' this font to change the color of the 'grungy' detail extruding off of the font to charcoal.

    Is there a way of doing this in CDX4? Is there a free font editing software that would accomplish this?

    Any tuts available? I have inkscape also, but don't really know hot to use it. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thhanks to all. Chase

  4. To everyone here on this forum, by all means, suspect any unsolicited requests for 'sponsor decals'. The corporate customer/product relations departments within companies will send out ....yes, for free, ....decals to anyone who asks.

    When I built a desert runner from a 70 Bronco, I had inquired to many, many different parts and other sponsors for decals since I told them I was completing a custom build on my truck, they ALL gladly sent me decals...and not just one, either.

    Do it for your own or closely held friends/acquaintances, but be very cautious, indeed of unsolicited requests. The anti-piracy thugs want your money, and the system wants a pound of flesh.

    There are too many ideas out there to make a living from, no need to risk it all for a $10 job. 

  5. I have this from an old image I did, and cannot find the font anymore.

    Does anyone know the name of this font? It was/is a common font found in many font packs.

    Or perhaps someone could email the file to share.




  6. Thanks. I had already registered with Gregory. I think I'm going to use these guys till another might come along.

    x2 with the Fellers thing. I get free shipping on any order over $75 and their delivery is fast.

    As for Fellers, the lady(?) I spoke to was quite rude and uncaring. She managed to send me a catalogue which is overpriced in many areas I checked...oracal, r-tape, blades, sealit, pens, ect. Perhaps that's how they offer free shipping over $75. Since they are about 125 miles away in Baton Rouge, I might stop in one day while over in NO. Otherwise, I won't use them.

    Does mumpowersupply offer free shipping over a set amount?

  7. I think it's good press , but the thing is it comes with only one die (smallest one).

    When I get my first press , it came with small die and I was thinking to buy other 2 dies but......

    Price was not so nice, so I ended up buying new press  from Ebay  with 3 dies and 900 grommets (different sizes) for $78.00

    Just dies would cost me around $70.00 from local upholstery supply shop   or $55.00 on Ebay.

    I rarely ever use small grommets (customers do not like them)

    I'm not badmouthing  product  , just trying to say it would be nice if US Cutter offer customer to chose which die they want with press.


    What size are the small grommets that you speak of?  I'm finding some on ebay with 7/16 ID. Good?

  8. I have a pending request for a banner that my landlady (may) want for a birthday party. I asked her to give me a weeks notice in order to get supplies and design cut for application.

    Since I've had other inquiries, I want to order some banner supplies. I need help with this. Thanks.

    *Since the banner mentioned is for a party, I believe a 10 oz would work. I have lots of BGS vinyl that I can (?) use on this....recommended?

    *Are raw vinyl rolls hemmed and grommeted? How are the bandana 14oz reviews from the forum members?

    *Gregory Graphics has 164' rolls of 38" 13oz single sided banner material for $85.99. Good price? 2'x6' finished 13oz = $12.19.

    *Aren't all banners double sided? What is the difference?

    *Is banner tape used for temporary hems?

    *How about using the old fashioned mallet and grommet tool to fasten grommets. I'd be curious as to how many people use this method.

    Any imput is desired. Thanks.



  9. Kimmy,

    I tried this same concept while living in my motorhome in San Diego. This is what I've learned from that experience.

    -Be very organized! As you know RV living can be quite pleasant, however, space must be maintained and organized because of the general lack of it.

    My set-up was custom; I removed the bench seating on one side and replaced the table with another that extended to the wall. With that, I had much more storage for shop materials and equipment. Even so, the space always 'seemed' cluttered.

    I managed to run a 24" PCut, 16x20 heat press, Epson 1400 printer, and all of the necessary tools, ect.

    Most of my work was vintage sci-fi related, so I targeted Roswell, San Jose Bay Area UFO Expo, Inernational UFO Congess @ Laughlin, NV.I had a great time doing it! Sadly, I never made it to Bonneville for the land speed records! Maybe this year.

    Good luck.....you've got a great idea!


  10. Who knows of a good supply house that ships free over $75-$100?

    I just received my shipment from mumpowersupply for 30 18x24 coroplast and the shipping came in @ 12.25, which was about 40% of the invoice. I can see how the added costs of shipping can break a startup. The closest (known) supply house is Fellers in Baton Rouge, but I've crossed them from my list because of the attitude of the phone order taker.

    My next order will be for 751-851, some banner blanks, and a few sealit pens. How is Beacon Graphics on shipping?

    Any imput is appreciated.

    Thanks. -Chase

  11. For a Noob starting out in the craft, is the shinerite 3 mil a cost effective product coming from the ebay sellers?

    I bought too much of the BGS from USCutter when I originally bought a PCut. I've been using it for practice; some on my car, others all over the shop. RTape doesn't want to stick to BGS at all. Could this be a bad roll of RTape, or the character of BGS?

    Since I plan on alot of motorcycle helmet graphics, I'm considering Oracal 751.

    Your comments would be greatly appreciated.


  12. If you're a little worried about paying Fellers list price on the Oracal 651, you can fax them a page from another catalog with a cheaper price, and they will match the price. They will also keep that price on file for you, so you get that price each time.

    Ordway Sign Supply(www.signsupply.com) has Oracal 651 (15"x10yards) in color for $14.95, fax that baby over to Fellers!

    I just checked Ordway, and their prices are higher than US Cutter by about a dollar a roll for 15" x 10 yd.

  13. A great big thanks to 3M!

    I just recieved two 54" x 5' sample rolls from 3M. Now, to get them cut to size for the MH871.....How does a guy cut these to size?

    Any suggestions?