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  1. I think Gray, Black, White, Safety Colors, and whatever your local school colors are.  All shirt prices are going up due to price increase in cotton.  I agree with what many others have said, I try to always order a few extra of each size we are printing on for mistakes......eventually you don't make as many mistakes unless you are just having a bad day!!!  S&S, Sanmar, Broder Bros. and Alpha seem to be good distributors for us......I agree with the next day ground or find a place you can do a local pickup.  Good Luck and Happy Printing!!!

  2. Thank you so much, this is going to work.  I don't think my Flexi has all the bells and whistles I need.  I normally do almost everything if it is more than text in Illy and then open it in Flexi.  I am being told I really need to upgrade to Corel but after two years am just getting decent at using what I have and I would hate to start over.  I guess I could always invest in a class, huh?    Thanks so much again for taking the time out of your day to help me, I am very appreciative!!! ;D ;D

  3. I have been told that the Wal-Mart shirts have different materials in them that can cause problems when printing on or applying vinyl to.  For less expensive shirts, or even the more expensive ones, you can use S&S Wholesale, Broder Bros, Imprints Wholesale, etc.  For the lighter weight shirts, you can get them for less than $2 or right at $2 and if you spend more than $100, shipping is free.  Some even have local warehouses you can go and pick up from.  I use all the names mentioned above, Broder Bros more often and have had great experiences.  These companies have numerous brands and price ranges to choose from.  Good Luck, I hope you find what you are looking for.

  4. Thanks for the help guys!!  I use Illustrator at home but I sent myself the wrong file and obviously was working off a deadline and could not close the shop to go home but I figured it out.  I am going to download the inkscape tomorrow at the shop and see if that helps for when I am in a pinch again as I know I will be :).  Job got completed, customer was happy and now I move on to another job!! 

  5. We use both Broder Bros and S&S, shipping varies but if you order enough, if it free.  There are always weekly sales on differ items.  Broder Bros. has numerous warehouses and if you are fortunate enough to have a warehouse near you, you can have stuff shipped to your local warehouse and pick it up for free (however time and gas might cost you more than the amount of shipping).