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  1. I posted my gear for sale a year ago and then thought I was going to get back in the business but I never did.  I am selling off my cutter, 5 rolls of easy weed vinyl and two rolls of oracle 851 along with an assortment of tools and supplies.  I also have the original box included.  I have kept the machine in great condition for the 3 years that I have had it.  The package will also include multiple extra blades including a clean cut blade.


    Let me know if you need more information or pictures.


    Price: $500





    Photo album can be found: Here


    Located in Austin, TX but can ship


  2. I was unable to sell all the rest of my gear and just have no room left in my car. If anyone is in the San Diego area or wiling to drive there, I have a large amount of vinyl and transfer tape. Some of what is included is

    Nearly full 24in, 100 yard white transfer tape

    Nearly full 24in, 50 yard white oracal 751

    A good amount of 15in and 24in, 10 yard roles of assorted colors.

    Some heat transfer rolls and then a few smaller 6in transfer tape rolls which are white and clear.

    I also have a couple long rulers and and other stuff.

    If Anyone is in SD and wants to take this off my hand by today, it is all yours for free. It is either that or the trash.

    Just shoot me a text or phone call at 818-631-0248



  3. Dang im on the complete other side of the country...I would image shipping will be a biatch to SC. Good luck with the sale though sounds like a great deal!

    We might still be able to make it work 


    Dang... I won't be in San Diego for another 1.5 months!  You staying in Cali?

    Nope, moving to Austin Texas.


    The -40 is the 15" model, right?


  4. I am finally closing up shop after two years and selling off everything.  I will put up pictures later with everything that I have but I thought I would start off with my Graphtec CE5000-40.  I have had it for about a year now and it is in fantastic condition still.  I am going to put up a price of $900 OBO and we will see where it goes from there.


    Let me know.


    I also have an epson workforce 1100 as well.


    Thank you!




    EDIT: I ended up bring my machine to Austin, TX but still want to sell it so if anyone is interested, please let me know!