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  1. amazing, thanks, this install was starting to bother me
  2. koletsb

    Finally time to say hello

    I have been around asking a lot of questions and I finally made the purchase of my 24" Pcut. I am sure I will be here plenty with lots of questions but you guys have been great Thanks Again
  3. koletsb

    Finally time to say hello

    thanks for the hellos and now Im just waiting till it comes, hopefully tomorrow
  4. koletsb

    What cutter is this?

    He ended up never responding..To bad. I am about to make my first cutter purchase later today. Hopefully it all goes well with my new pcut
  5. koletsb

    What cutter is this?

    I emailed him, hopefully he responds
  6. koletsb

    GCC Expert vs Pcut?

    Sorry to make a new topic, wasnt sure how to delete the other one. I was pretty set on the pcut but then someone showed me the GCC and I started to look into it. Any opinions either way?
  7. I have been buying custom made vinyl stickers for everything from car stickers to different house hold needs. I always have friends telling me that they want some and I thought it was time to start doing it my self. I really have no experience with vinyl other than all of the research I have been doing online. Is this a bad decision and can you actually make some good money with it? If I do end up doing this, is my best bet to buy the "USCutter 12” MH-365 Series Vinyl Cutter Bundle" or should I be going the separate path route and buying each piece separately? Sorry for the noob question and thanks again.
  8. I am about to join the cutting industry, starting from nothing pretty much and I thought I was pretty sure on buying the basic starter bundle for 499. But I was checking out ebay and I saw the 34in sale cutter. Is it a better deal to buy that instead? Other than the small accessory package, it seems to be better in every way. Thanks for the help
  9. Thanks everyone. So I guess my main question is, do I need everything in the bundle package or should I buy pieces separately?
  10. Im just a student who wants some extra money on the side, and it seemed like a good market to enter. I beleive that I should be able to get a good following from the different Greek life organizations here. How difficult/time wise am I looking at if I begin this? Is it going to take over my life or is it something I can do on the side?