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    Have pdf's but lots of extra cuts?

    They are still in a whole bunch of pieces making them not look as clean. Thanks for the attempt Brandon
  2. I couldn't get the best picture but it shows enough. The vinyl is taking the backing paper with it but its not being cut all the way through. If you look at it from the back, there is no cut all the way through. This is also making it very difficult to peel the decal off with the application tape. I hope this is making sense, thanks for the help again Brandon
  3. koletsb

    Vinyl taking the waxy backing with it?

    I don't think it was wet so, I adjusted the pressure and blade depth for now and I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again
  4. koletsb

    Vinyl taking the waxy backing with it?

    I only use oracal 651 for now so that won't be an issue but thanks for the info when I do get into different items What do you mean by this? These decals were printed and then app tape was applied directly after. Yes the decals have now been sitting on the table over night but Im a little confused how this changes anything.
  5. koletsb

    Vinyl taking the waxy backing with it?

    Yes, I have read them many times, I just assumed that since the blade never went through to the back then it wasn't that, but I will adjust it more when I get back.
  6. I had serial but I called US Cutter and they actually told me that the new updated drivers dont need the serial and I updated it and switched to USB and now it works perfect.
  7. It has happened about 2 in the past 2 months and then 4 times in the past 3 days. I am using AI and saving it as an EPS version 8 just like all of the post have said. I haven't changed anything so I am not sure why this is happening now. Its not cutting through the backing paper and other cuts are working just fine. Any help would be great because all I am doing now is wasting more and more vinyl every time Brandon Cutter is pcut 630 and using signcut pro
  8. I have learned so much from this website and I want to say thanks again but i have some more questions 1. What are the basic differences with Die Cut vs Printed Decals? I understand that one is literally printed and the other is cut out but what are the benefits of each one? Are they priced relatively close? 2. Generally, are printed stickers made with inkjet printers? What are basic starter models to get into the printing side of decals? 2a. What is the difference between a plotter and a wide-format printer? 3. Is adding a head press to my equipment add that much of a boost in sales? Is vinyl heat press shirts or items a common purchased item? Or do more often people buy screen printed Items. 4. Are banners with vinyl lettering just banners with normal oracal vinyl lettering stuck on? Or is it heatpressed or is it a special vinyl? Thanks again and I do know if I were to get into printed decals I would also need to upgrade my cutter to one with contour cutting. Brandon
  9. koletsb

    General "New Guy" Questions

    Any one else have some input? Thanks for it all again
  10. I am going to have to try this. Thanks for the heads up
  11. Wait so is there a downside of using an iron for the siserweed instead of a heat press? How do you do the temp and pressure with an iron?
  12. I was given a screenshot from a customer for what they want and I am having trouble getting it to look like I want it to. I found the font already (blade runner) and the biggest problem I am having is with the halo. I attached the screen shot and my attempt and it. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Brandon Sincere.eps
  13. Perfect, thanks so much. I still have plenty to learn with all of this tracing. Thanks agin Brandon
  14. koletsb

    Off Set Confusion

    thanks for clearing that up. I spent a good hour trying to find it on the machine, now I know why I couldn't find it
  15. koletsb

    Off Set Confusion

    Sorry to make a new post of it but I just have major problems with the search I guess. I tried searching for it and found a couple threads that link to others about offset but every single link I clicked was dead. Can someone please point me to what exactly is off set and how do I adjust it? Let alone is it something I need? I have a pcut 630 with 60 degree cleancut and I use signcut
  16. koletsb

    Off Set Confusion

    Is there a place on the machine for it as well? Or only the software?
  17. koletsb

    PCUT630 rollers affecting vinyl

    Yes I noticed the same thing but it seems to disappear after application tape is put on and then squeegeed
  18. I bought the 24" white rtape application tape, and it is just way to big for anything I need. I have used max half of a yard out of the 100 yard role. Any anyone is interested, let me know.
  19. koletsb

    Blade and Blade Holder Questions

    I think I am going to go out and buy my self a 60 degree clean cut. Hopefully it ends up life everyone is saying. Thanks again
  20. I have now been cutting for about a month and a half with my 24" Pcut and I am slowly learning more and more. As of now, I have only been cutting 651 oracal and plan on sticking with that for a good amount of time. I just have a few questions. 1. How long will my blades last? I am still using the first blade that I put in on day 1 and how do you know when its time to change? A.Should I be thinking about buying different types of blades rather then the ones that came with my cuter? B.I see a lot about cleancut, graphatec, and roland blades, worth the purchase now? Later? 2. What kind of difference am I looking at by buying a roland or something like it, metal blade holder? A. Is that a necessary purchase and any certain one I need? 3. Is purchasing a 60 degree blade as well something I should look into as well?
  21. So far I have been doing between 1 - 10 stickers but I don't know what to charge for 40. The customer wants 2.5x3.5 with a custom design. Thanks for the help Koletsky
  22. koletsb

    What cutter is this?

    Well he still hasnt responded haha and yes I bought the pcut. Still trying to figure everything out with cutting
  23. koletsb

    What cutter is this?

    A guy I know is selling it for $100 with everything in the picture. He doesnt know if it works but he says it turns on and has good test cuts What cutter is it and is it worth the $100 risk?
  24. koletsb

    Double cutting?

    Wasn't exactly sure where to post this but I just got my new cutter and I'm having a slight problem. I used illustrator and wrote out some simple texts. I then Traced it and sent it to signcut. It all seemed to look correct. I then went forward and cut it but when I cut it. When it cut, it seemed to cut double lines. Making it difficult to weed and it made the cut time almost twice as long. I hope this makes sense and someone can let me know my problem. Thanks Koletsb