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    Football Helmet Decals?

    Has anyone done them? If so I have some questions Are they normally die cut? or printed? and are they normally laminated on top as well? Also do they normally involve a special type of vinyl? Any help would be great, thanks again Brandon
  2. I was sent this file and my cs5 is unable to open it. It says that it was created on a new version of illustrator. Can someone resave it so I can open it please. Thank you
  3. koletsb

    Printing on clear vinyl

    Can anyone here print on clean vinyl? I don't need any laminate. I need 24 11"x7" prints. I will cut them my self so I just need to sheet printed. There are 6 different prints and then 2 colors of each and I need 2 of each sticker for a total of 24 prints. They are all designed so I just need a total price. Let me know
  4. koletsb

    Printing on clear vinyl

    Well I sent him an email to see what he would charge. Thanks guys
  5. koletsb

    Printing on clear vinyl

    The sticker is actually going to be placed on a white background. Don't ask me why but the client is 100% deadset on clear
  6. koletsb

    Printing on clear vinyl

    His website is down as well. I am honestly not even to worried about the white ink. If anyone has the clear vinyl that they can print on I will go with you
  7. koletsb

    Printing on clear vinyl

    He hasn't been on the forum since the beginning of June. Is he still doing it?
  8. I have a client that needs an 8'x4' banner printed and he sent me a file that is .psb because it was made in actual 8x4 dimmensions. I can't convert it to a pdf and its to large to open in illustrator so what do I do? I normally go the route of 4over but I cant seem to find a way around this. Thank you!
  9. He doesn't have any vector programs so he would end up going to someone else. I have not tried this, I will look into it and see if its possible. Thank you for the suggestion
  10. If anyone is able to print from a .psb file, I will gladly just use you for the banner then.
  11. a psb is also for a very large photoshop file
  12. what would you call that kind of table? NVM: Drafting Table
  13. koletsb

    44 Roll Vinyl Floor Racks

    Just wondering but what kind of items do you sell that are large enough to be on a stand and are "ready to ship"?
  14. koletsb

    Trade Shows

    How do you find out about sign and printing trade shows? I have only been around for about a year now and I would like to start attending some to see what is going on and to learn. I am located in San Diego if that helps
  15. koletsb

    Trade Shows

    NBM Seems like a great place to start. Hopefully will be in town, might be in Hong Kong
  16. I was wondering what programs you guys use for all of the business side stuff... Inventory? Prices? and just business management? Thanks Brandon
  17. koletsb

    Make a banner for me?

    Found Someone. Thanks guys
  18. koletsb

    Matte Grey Vinyl?

    I have used oracal 651 for everything I have done but I have a customer that has come asking for matte grey. Is they any vinyl that you would recommend?
  19. koletsb

    Matte Grey Vinyl?

    Thanks for the help. I will contact the customer and see if he is willing to pay the extra
  20. koletsb

    Matte Grey Vinyl?

    They only matte grey they have (that I can see) is the removable vinyl. Isn't that not best to be a car?
  21. koletsb

    Matte Grey Vinyl?

    This is going to be on a car too.
  22. I have tried doing searches and youtube videos but I cant seem to get anything to work with this image. I am pretty sure it is a simple thing but im not positive how to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a vector in pdf format that I want to print and contour cut but I don't know how to get the outline of the image. Thanks COFA (Vector Format).pdf
  23. koletsb

    Ned help with outline to contour cut?

    Finally figured out how to do it, just had to delete the clipping mask off of every layer. All good now
  24. koletsb

    Recommendations for printable vinyl?

    You can buy an inkjet printer and then print on the vinyl in the link above. I use an epson workforce 1100 and then add a water proof laminate on top after.