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    Good to see the forum is still going strong. Was a member here many years ago, but had the opportunity to do some contractor work all over the world as a medical professional so I've been far removed. Looking forward to learning again, and meeting new folks on the comm here...
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    Sounds like a press is all you need. Various online forums will say you can do it with an iron, and while technically true, you really shouldn't. I have a swing press which was a touch more expensive than a clam shell. Seems like everyone that has a clam shell at some point has burnt themselves, swing away also allows you to easily place the design and clearly see what you're doing.
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    Howdy Mike. First piece of advice, when sending the design to the cutter, always remember to MIRROR. Secondly, a good picker tool for weeding. Some prefer a fine tweezer, others like a pointy spike, and yet others just use the xacto knife. Maybe get her all three, and see what she's comfortable with (weeding HTV is slightly different than regular vinyl). Thirdly, the press itself. Do you believe that hats will enter into this equation? If so, consider the 5-in-1 package, which is currently on sale for $400. https://uscutter.com/USCutter-Perfect-Press-Digital-5-in-1-Heat-Press The cheapest option is $95. (USCUTTER offers a $15 discount on the sale price $110 press purchase when you subscribe to their newsletter) But keep in mind that the size on this basic press is only 9x12 and that's kinda tiny, although still useful for pocket logos and maybe bags. Ask the wife what her vision is, as far as production and designs. Most people in this game are using 15x15 It's up to the two of you to decide how much to sink into this venture from the get-go. You can start with a hundred bucks (see above) or make a choice to throw about $500 at it now and have a wider option for future work if she likes it. As for myself, I do not own a full-size platen press. My only equipment is a small hat press that I grabbed from craigslist for just $50 several years ago, and I do a few hats now and then for fun. (and it allows me to do a shirt pocket logo, which I've produced for a few people) HTV is a fascinating world, there's lots to love about it. (and don't even get her started on DTG printing!)
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    Keep in mind, from a design stand point it looks neat, however, from a vinyl stand point, distressed fonts are a pain in the ass and best to be avoided.
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    It's commonly referred to as "Distressed" font style. There are online video (utube) tutorials on how to achieve this effect.