what kind of printers produce surfboard decals

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hi, new to this forum, it has some excellent topics and problem solving, i am from australia, i have been a screenprinter for many years running my own factory, i have moved into more modern forms of printing such as my roland bn20 and gs 24 for thermal vinyl jobs, i have had heaps of inquiries about doing surfboard decals, i am struggling to find a printer that can print on rice paper as well as being able to print white ink. i know they exist...just dont know where to find them and what brands are capable of doing it, i used to manually print them in the traditional format but doing muti colours is really hard especially with the amount of space required to do such work.

i have printed off colour decals as one offs on an inkjet printer by applying ricepaper onto an A4 sheet with a touch of spray adhesive, then once done spraying the paper with a fixative. this works good, but i need a printer that prints white....anyone out there...if you have any ideas or machines you may be able to recommend it would be greatly appreciated...and one day i look forward to being able to help out with any questions i might be able to answer

thank you in advance

ps image of a decal being glassed onto board

Surfboard-Decals- example.jpg

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