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Went from LP2, to Tabletop Titan 3, to Graphtec

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Just wanted to maybe help some potential purchasers out and give a little experience on my progression of plotters over the last 2 years.  As background, I have gone from a very part time gig earning a $200 a month profit to earning a living at what I do.  

The Laserpoint 2 was chose with SCAL 3 to use in conjunction with my MacBook Pro.  My niche is chrome and reflective and it got the job done for the first 6 months of the business.  I actually sold it for the same price I paid for it and it worked great but my workplace was in an unheated/cooled garage so I needed something small enough store away after using on the kitchen table. That’s where the Titan 15” came into play.

The Titan 3 tabletop had enough downforce and my material worked in 15” rolls so, I was good to go.  It was an improved cut, more accurate, and whisper quiet when you turn the vacuum fans off.  That lasted over a year and many thousands of linear feet of reflective 3M 5100.  Production was taking off and my space was at a premium, I just couldn’t do it from where I was and thus we moved to a location that had a full 40x60 basement that has now become the shop.

with more room, I looked for something in the 1500-2000 range that had the downforce of the Titan but couldn’t pull the trigger on the CE-6000, I just wasn’t sure on how commercial of a cutter this would be.  My friend was running some FC-8600’s and I really like those...except for the price.  I ended up finding the previous model, a FC 8000-75 that fit the bill and I ended up getting it for only $500 used.  $60 into it and it runs amazing!  I have also switched from the MacBook over to a dedicated PC doing the design and cutting (the 28” monitor really helps compared to the 13” MacBook) and I’m running both cutters simultaneously.  I do high volume, low weeding projects so I can almost keep up by myself.  

Overall, each cutter filled the need I had at the time at the budget I had to work with and each did good but each move was a marked improvement in accuracy and quality.  The one thing lacking on the Titan was a “copy” button, something I used every day with the LP2 and the Graphtec... maybe something to consider.  Hit me up with your questions

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