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MH721-MK2 Dead, is it the motherboard?

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Connected via USB to windows 7 PC cutting with FlexiSIGN Pro v8.1


I was cutting Friday night and when my last cut finished I reached up to unfasten the pinch rollers and static shocked the cutter. The screen went black and now when I cycle the power on the screen stays black, the reset light flashes red and the cut head taps in unison with the flashing light. Obviously it won't cut or respond to any inputs in this condition, I would just like to double check that this is a symptom of motherboard failure before I order one. I cannot seem to find this specific symptom in previous posts but I have seen other cutters that died as a result of static discharge needed a motherboard replaced.


As for grounding, the cutter stand is grounded to the cutter but I think In this instance the static buildup came from me so I think I need to start looking into tethering myself to the cutter with a grounding strap like computer hardware techs do and maybe even grounding myself to the house with a bare copper wire before I touch the cutter... I just don't want this to happen again. The cutter is stored and used in a carpeted spare bedroom/office and moving it is not an option.

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Thanks to Kyle for the prompt reply.


His answer quoted for posterity:




In reply to your inquiry "MH721-MK2 will not power on":


Well it is usually motherboard but can also be the power supply.  Best way to do this is to access the power supply and the motherboard.  To access the power supply you will need to remove the bottom panel of the cutter by removing the front and back edge screws.  Once they are removed you can remove the bottom panel of the cutter, do not be alarmed if the panel does not come right off when the screws are removed as there is a light adhesive so get something flat and try a corner to get the panel started and then it will come right off. Now with the bottom panel removed locate to the left the metal cage with many screw connectors.  This is the power supply.


Now to access the motherboard remove the right endcap by removing the 4 screws on the inside edge of the cutter.  Also remove the two screws next to the serial port.  Once the screws are removed the right endcap will come right off.  Now you will see the motherboard.  Looking from the front locate the rectangle connector in the far left corner.  Unplug it from the motherboard.  This disconnects the motherboard from the power supply.  Now turn the cutter on and look at the power supply.  You should see a green led.  If the green led is solid with the motherboard disconnected from the power supply then the power supply is good.  If you have disconnected the motherboard from the power supply and the green led is blinking then this is a bad power supply.



Kyle T.


Technical Support: 1-888-975-2047

Sales: 1-888-298-8143


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