LaserPoint vs LaserPoint II

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09:10:41 You are now chatting with Live Support

09:10:46 Live Support: how can we help you today?

09:11:22 Live Support: Can you tell me what the difference between the laserpoint and the laserpoint II is?

09:12:12 Live Support: the main difference is going to be the manufacturer, the Laserpoint is made by the Creation Corporation, while the Laserpoint 2 is made by the Liyu Corporation

09:12:30 Live Support: the 2 is a newer model, and will be better in terms of durability and cutting accuracy

09:12:40 Live Support: Are there different features?

09:14:01 Live Support: not much, but in terms of rating, the TC can cut longer lengths, it has the same contour cutting laser, and can provide more downward force

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