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I recently had someone ask me for a decal of a '55-'56 chevy truck that doesnt look like a cartoon. i have had no luck at all. i need it in a monochrome eps file if some one can find one for me, i will be cutting it in vinyl. i can never find what i am looking for. thanks to anyone that can help me with this!

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i need some help again. the above file was good, but not as close as i thought it was. this is a pic of the '55 truck.....


i am also looking for a '79 aspen....


both of those pics are the actual car and truck the owners want something made of. i need .eps files to make a stencils in vinyl, they dont have to be in great detail.

the last thing i am looking for is the 76 trans am bird logo. i fount a good pic, but i can convert it to a vector. a friend wants to use it as a stencil for his car.

any help is GREATLY appreciated.

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