Cutter not 'finishing off' cuts properly. (on going issue)

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Ok, so i've never been able to get my cutter to finish off cuts properly, like when cutting the center piece out of the letter 'O' for instance, the blade dosent go all the way around so leaves the piece attached to the vinyl which obviously makes weeding very hard and time consuming and leads to a very poor quality decal. This is more of an issue on smaller lettering.

The cutter is a Creation PCUT 630 connected via USB, i talked to the supplier in length and they assured me it 'should' be ok and they even sent me an upgraded brass blade holder for me but i still have the same problem.

The software i'm using is SignBlazer Elements, which i'm told has a built in overcut feature with no settings? I did also try the demo of SignCut and tried the overcut feature on that but still no different.

I've also tried alot of different blade offsets and many different logos.

So is my cutter and software even capable of cutting small lettering acuratly or have i got it set up wrong? Does anyone else use this combination of cutter and software, and are you able to achieve what i can't?

Just so you know what i'm talking about just to test this i'm trying to cut this logo 80mm long (which i don't think is too small) and the little piece inside the letter 'E' does not cut properly and neither does the 'C' shaped piece inside the logo on the left hand side...


This is just a low res jpg and not the actual vector i'm using for cutting.

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Signblazer Elements does have a setting for offset. Go into the cut screen, go into set-up in the top taskbar, set your blade offset.

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