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Roland GX24 cutting sandblast material

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Hi..I hope somebody can please give me some advise!!

I`ve just purchased a roll of sand blast material Grafititack SBP (350 microns) from

I want to use it for reusable stencils..

I`m basically having trouble cutting completely through it. It is`t a clean cut through, I can peel the lettering away from the

material but it`s fiddily!! because I hav`nt been able to completely cut I end up kind of ripping the remainder of the letter out,

and it`s taking three times as long to weed out, compared to other thinner stencil material I`ve used.

I`ve changed the Roland setting to: max 250gf force  /  slowed it down to 15cm/s & changed the offset to 0.400mm .. also I`ve adjusted the blade in the holder by turning approx three extra whole turns (additional  0.3mm.) I`m worried about fully unwinding the blade, in case I do some damage!!??

Also the blade has been replaced from it`s standard 45`blade to a 60` blade. The 60` blade was a cheap copy!!

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search the forum for Clean Cut Blades.

the price you paid for 5 is the same price you will pay for one great blade. i have bought some of the knock off blades and they SUCK. let me tell you.

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