Random slices throughout cut

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Darin, I am having a similar problem... random cuts that always happen exactly at the same place in the file. Can't be static if its that repeatable, time after time.

In my case the random cuts change if I change the cutting speed on the cutter. The random cuts still happen, and they are still 100% repeatable, but they happen later in the file if I increase the cutting speed, earlier in the file if I decrease cutting speed. I can start a file that goes for 90 minutes fine... then bam. Random cut.

Does your problem also change with cutting speed?

I am of the opinion that either there's a bug in the updated FTDI virtual serial port driver, or an incompatibility between the sign cutting software and the new driver.

Did you by chance update your USB dirver (or did Windows update it for you) since the last time it was working perfectly?

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