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I'm looking for the "dodge" truck font.

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I guess this is what I get for doing a FREE job for a relative of my girlfriend!.................

I lettered the doors and tailgate of my Lady's nephew's Dodge truck, as he has his own brick-laying business.  A day later he called me and said he didn't like the COLOR! It is orange on his black Dodge truck.

So now he's going to pay me to re-do it, but he wants it done in the same font as Dodge uses for their weight series - 1500, 2500, etc.  As you may or may not know, this font is composed of 2 lines that make up the inside and outside of the letters.............basically a block letter with a "transparent" center, if you will.

If anyone knows where I can grab this font, PLEASE me an email to:

Many thanks for any help.

Phil in Illinois

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