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Found 3 results

  1. When I was in IKEA sourcing out my media basket parts for another DIY I'm stumbling through, I saw they had stands all over the store with hanging meter stick rulers that are IKEA branded digitally printed on paper. Customers are free to use them to measure items in their showroom when cruising around their store. They're free for the taking - I asked. I wouldn't take a whole pile of them in one go or anything but two here and there are perfectly acceptable according to the sales rep I was talking to and he encouraged it. It dawned on me that I could use two of these freebies taped onto my vinyl cutter (one on the front of the cutter and one on the back - upside down so the numbers and measurements could be read easily while facing the front of the cutter, both properly measured and aligned of course) to assist in lining up vinyl on the cutter for consistent tracking. Simply align the front most part of the vinyl from the roll or scrap piece to the same ruler line on the back of the cutter's ruler line (both left edge and right edge) and you're more than likely going to be tracking straight. Do some feed tests to see just how accurate or far off your alignment is and adjust accordingly. If you wear these rulers out over time, just replace as needed. They're also handy to quickly see if a scrap piece of vinyl you're wishing to use will fit a design you plan to be cut before you go through the hassle of setting it up. Checking the net, people do make an adhesive tape or transparent film type ruler too though for a more permanent and professional look for your cutter. A Bing Images Search shows adhesive ruler tape (Safe for work). An example of this is also attached to this thread. I don't know exactly where to buy this stuff but with some more Google searching, I'm sure one could obtain it.
  2. Hello my fellow cutters, I am happy overall with my SC 34 plotter, I've been using it for over a year to cut highly detailed stencils out of .005 mm Dura-Lar film with outstanding results up until recently. I just recently started cutting 32" x 42" stencils that are more intricate and it has not been working out well for me. The tracking is off by a huge margin. It's so bad that it leads me to believe that the system is simply going haywire due to larger file sizes as opposed to this being a mechanical issue. Here are my system specs and details -Windows 7 with 8 GB of Ram -I connect to my SC cutter using a USB cable run to one of my USB 2.0 hubs (Might switch to standard USB hub if this is sending too much info too quickly) -I use Sure Cuts A-Lot Pro 3 -I only use expensive Roland Blades and I steer clear of cheap knockoffs -My speed is at 200 and my pressure is set to 600 -I use minimum blade depth -These take hours to cut and I usually change the blade out every 1 1/2 hrs -The material is .005 Dura-Lar. The carrier sheet I use is a .007 sheet of Dura-Lar that I adhere using spray adhesive. -The two outer pinch rollers are as tight as can be and are 2-4 inches in from the edges. The center roller is only at half strength because I don't want to add too much uneven tension on one side of the machine. Here are the steps I have already completed to try and remedy the issue I have tightened the grit roller using an Alan Wrench. Cleaned the pinch rollers using the rough side of a sponge to get the stencil bits off Tightened the carriage belt and ensured that the carriage was on track. Lubed the blade holder to ensure proper swivel. The offset is good. The cutting strip is a little rough but it has been since my first time using it. I doubt that is the issue. I support the stencil and carrier sheet with two tables on either side of the plotter to ensure the carrier sheet doesn't hang and get too heavy for the rollers to move them back and forth. I believe the culprit is not enough system on either the Sure Cuts A-Lot Pro 3, The SC cutter, or my PC. Can any of you guys provide some feedback? Thanks guys! -Matt
  3. Is there a test or way to see how your machine tracks? Without a bunch of waste. Not that there is a problem with the tracking, I would rather know the limits now instead of when I need to cut something big.