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  1. No Luck. Still cant get it to work with Signlab 9 I can Design in Signlab but have to export it and open it in another program to get it to cut. a little bit of a pain in the butt. biscuit
  2. Slice&Dice, I have the driver for the uscutter and can cut fine if i use a program called "Sign Cut", unfortunatly it is a demo and i would have to pay for it in the future. also it is not a design program so i would have to design in Signlab then export and send to "Sign Cut" just all over a pain in the ass, i am not sure if my settings are wierd or what i am in the process of trying the LiYu. thanks for the help ill keep you posted. biscuit
  3. Trying to get my SC plotter to cut with signlab 9, anyone able to help? It will work with other software. Just can't seem to get it to work with signlab Can't find a plotter setting for the SC 50 inch.