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  1. I purchased a Graphtec CE6000 a year and two months ago. I am now getting a hardware error when I try and cut and per Graphtec customer support, I need a new main board. They have no record that I registered the product within the 30 days and will not honor the two year warranty. Therefore, I am outside the one year warranty period. I have contacted their approved service dealers, and for about $900 they will replace the mainboard (with no guarantee that this will resolve the problem). I paid about $1700 for the unit. Do I try to do it on my own? (I'm not sure how to get a hold of a replacement main board and I'm much less sure about my ability to install it myself.), Do I go ahead with repairs? Is there a market to resell this until in it's nonworking state? Do I purchase a new unit (if so, any recommendations?)? Any help is greatly appreciated!!