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  1. my usb port stopped working (not the cord, tried a new one, the port itself is loose and if ihold it just right it'll connect but soon as i let go or move wrong it loses connection). i emailed support about a replacement board since its oos, or repair, but in the meantime i ordered an ftdi serial to usb cable to try cause I have orders due (Ugreen USB to RS232 DB9 Serial Male Converter Adapter Cable with FTDI Chipset Gold Plated Driverless for Win8.1/8, Compatible with 8/7/Vista/XP//2000 ) I plugged it in and even before the machine was on, my computer 'saw' the cable and installed it. turned the machine on and scal 3 pro, and it sees the usb serial on com 5, but if i try to cut it looks like its sending but the progress bar never foes more than a quarter inch and nothing actually happens. i've tried alternate usb ports and the com in scal matches the com in device manager. i also tried forcing it to com 3 and 4 which is what the usb ports used to show when using a usb cable on the same ports of the computer, but no change. i've rebooted machine and computer and plugged in in varying orders with no change any suggestions, please?