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    Hello from Central Florida

    Thanks jaybird!
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    Hello from NC

  3. wseago2

    Hello from Central Florida

    Thanks everyone! Been playing with it a little bit. Cuts awesome...right out of the box with very little setup. Also impressed with the Graphtec Studio software. Only took a few minutes to convert a jpeg to vector. Quick question for the graphtec owners...The aluminum blade holders that are advertised on Amazon...has anyone tried them? I kind of figured that for $105 extra, the included one would not be plastic. Was a little shocked by that.
  4. wseago2

    Hello from Central Florida

    New Cutter showed up today!!!!!
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    Hello from Central Florida

    Nice...Sanford, Lake Mary here!
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    BN20 Issues not connecting

    From The support site: Windows 7 Driver Installation Guide and VersaWorks Clean Reinstallation Guide Notice in particular that the order of things is have to install VersaWorks and add the printer before you try to install the driver. Hope this helps.
  7. wseago2

    Hello from Central Florida

    Hi everyone! I'm Wes from the Central Florida area. My wife and I sublimate mugs for a little pocket money to a small niche market. I have been cutting masks for airbrushing with a Cameo for a while now, and have decided to upgrade to a Graphtec CE6000-60 (Arrives tomorrow). My kids are very excited about having the ability to do HTV on a few shirts. I am a mobile software developer that is very experienced with Adobe Illustrator, but I did recently purchase CorelDraw X7 for my hobby machine. I use both Macs and PCs for work, and I do have Adobe Master Suite CS6.5 on my MacPro, but have decided to use a PC to run my Dye Sub printer, vinyl cutter, and I guess CorelDraw for playing with all of this. I have been lurking in this forum for a while now, and have found most here to be a friendly bunch. Looking forward to being a member. Thanks for reading!
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    Corel Draw student suite X7

    It should be noted that Corel X7 Academic, and Corel X7 Student are two totally different products. Academic is available to Students or Teachers (geared towards graphic design, but only requires proof of eligibility), is the same exact product as the full retail package, including CorelDraw X7, Photo-Paint X7, PowerTrace X7, Corel Connect, Capture X7, Website Creator and Photozoom Pro 3, is NOT licensed for commercial use, and can be installed on a single computer. Home and Student is the lighter version that can be installed on 3 computers, but does not include everything in the Suite.