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  1. I run a very small local vinyl shop with a friend, we have been using 2 Silhouettes and until we started getting 1k plus orders it was working just fine.  So my husband bought me a SC last month. I have finally had a moment to set down and get it up and running.... Herein lies the issues.  All the cuts are horrible.


    Im running on a MacBook Pro

    SureCutsAlot Pro 4 software

    USB cable hook up

    speed slowed down to 200

    pressure 63g


    We are doing our first show next month and Id really like to be able to take product with me but at this rate, Im wasting more vinyl and time and really on the verge of just returning this machine.


    Any idea where to start?  This machine didn't even come with so much a set up manual, nothing.... I had to call to finally figure out there was a website I was supposed to be directed to.  My partner bought one as well and she is on the verge of just returning her's without even opening it.


    Here is one image I cut today and as you can tell the cut is horrible.  Can some one please tell me what Im doing wrong?