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    Haha, if they normally charge $9.99 flat rate shipping, that just reinforces my distrust for the company.
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    Oh no, the company knows full well how I feel, I couldn't care less if they see the post. It actually doesn't surprise me much at all that they don't visit this forum - they don't seem to have a very good pulse on customer service. I think it's great however that there is a crowd sourced, experienced group of people that donate their own time to help others. I have nothing against you or any other forum user and commend you for your willingness to help others. As far as cancelling the order, I did. Waiting on refund and cancellation email acknowledgment. If there was a disclosure regarding will call than I wouldn't be hear posting negative feedback. I think it's crap when a company improperly sets customer expectations and does nothing to accommodate customers when events such as these occur.
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    This is in fact, the company/website feedback forum if I'm not mistaken. If all you want to read is posts filled with praise, sunshine and rainbows, I'm sorry to disappoint.
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    Not really looking for friends or advice, so if you're being sarcastic I could care less. Just sharing my experience with this terrible company on every outlet possible.
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    TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE - Placed order with company for sameday will-call pickup. Was informed via email that despite their will call option, the item is not available for pickup so it would have to be shipped from Memphis (instead of pickup in Washington). Despite the fact it was their error, and it would now be a 5 business day lead time instead of same day pickup - they still wanted to charge me $20 for shipping. If this is the type of customer service they offer, I hate to think what "service" I would get if I had a problem with the cutter.