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  1. I'm looking to outsource a print job for a customer of mine that's leaving the country soon. I do cut decals for them but would like to get printed decals of the unit patch. Could anyone offer a suggestion of someone to outsource through that would have a quick turn around time? It would only be 50 4X5 decals to start. Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  2. The FC8600 are just outside my budget right now. I want to start with the means to do stickers, small signs and lettering, etc for vehicles and after that get into full wraps. At that point, I'd like to go all out and get a cutter/printer but that's a ways down the line. For now i just need something that does lettering, etc.
  3. Thanks for the quick replies! Could you tell me what the best site to research my different options for Graphtec would be? I looked briefly at a CE5000 24" but I want to be sure I'm getting one that suits my needs.
  4. I'm having some trouble deciding on a specific cutter to start out with. I'm looking at a QE6000 starter custom and competition auto graphics package, a graphtec cutter (no package deals that I've found) or the 34" SC Series vinyl cutter with Stand & Laser from uscutter. I've worked with a sign company managing the vinyl department before and loved doing it; however that was many years ago. I want to get back into it myself focusing on small signs and vehicle graphics, eventually venturing into vehicle wraps. Any advice on the best startup machine would be VERY much appreciated. Thank you in advance!!
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    Good morning all! Thought I would say Hello before I start asking a ton of questions!!