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  1. so they shipped it out on Friday like they said. but they did not ship it overnight to be here today. not sure why I was told it would be here Saturday if they could not make it happen.
  2. so I live in Washington and did a will call. When I got there I told them my order and a guy cam out said we sent you an email. so I checked did not get the email till I was leaving there. the email was to inform me that one item was not available. The person helping me was helpful. since it was not there they said they would ship it. I asked if I could get the product faster than a week from the other warehouse. he said he would ask. they said they would ship it 2 day air. I was happy that they would. this was on Monday of this week. So I figured it would go out Tuesday and arrive wed. or Thursday. I called today and I go and talk to someone that is not at that location but over seas. that's all she would say. she talked to the warehouse and said they would ship it tomorrow. (Friday). She also said it would ship 2 day air. after a few minutes of explaining the issue with this. I was put on hold one more time. came back and said they would ship it next day air. so that is a plus. But how do you tell a customer that you promised their product Friday for their event on Saturday. I had to give a discount to him so he wouldn't cancel his whole order over one item not being complete. everything else is done and waiting. Just disappointed that the company did not follow through on what they said they would do. not Shure if I will buy something that says in stock that has to be shipped. they need to have somewhere that tells you what warehouse it is located at. maybe in your shopping cart under the item. hint hint. Also why do we need a middle man to relay issues with our order? This is not my first order with them but my 4 issue with this kind of stuff.