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  1. Ok. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. My Power plug port on my cutter was damaged. Redid my home office and must have jammed it into something and basically shattered it. Of course USCutter is out of stock in the replacement one. So I found some online and purchased. I spent over 1 hr online today trying to do the online chat. It kept saying I was 1 in queue. Then after about 1 1/2 min it told me to leave a message. All I need is to know which colored wires connect to which terminal. Or if it even matters. I wasn't able to call so I was trying online. Again, over 1 hr and still no help at all. Sent a message...around 2pm eastern time...still haven't heard a word. Again all I need to know is which wires hook up to which prongs on the inside (to the quick connect jacks). Anyone have any idea? And of course there is no information attached with the part on the web page and there is no info anywhere that I have been able to find. I have been needing to fix this to finish a project for a friend's fiance for her new business. Again, EXTREMELY frustrating. http://www.uscutter.com/Refine-MH-Series-Power-Plug Can anyone help?
  2. I did the brown wire to L. Yellow/green to E. and Blue to N. So far so good. Cutting some decals for my golf cart right now.
  3. Thanks guys. Got it fixed a few minutes ago. Have still yet to hear from US Cutter about it. Oh well. I guess now I know just to post on the forum instead. Instant response. Anyone have any experience using the mask or stencil material with this cutter? Work for spray paint?
  4. Thanks a million you guys. I will be working on this first thing in the morning. Amazing I got the answer quicker than contacting support.
  5. And obviously the brown one will not connect to the new piece. I should be able to cut the wire, strip it and put a quick connect on correct? Just don't want to fry this thing. Not that it was uber expensive, but really don't want to have to buy another one right now.
  6. Just ran ran the 3rd floor to take some pics. Here is why I couldn't notate where the cables were hooked up. Or trust me I would have. The 2 wires with the quick connect. The brown wire that was connected without a quick connect
  7. I couldn't note the placement. The 3 prongs went inside the machine itself. Completely out of the bracket
  8. If my memory serves me correct, there was a yellow and blue wire I think (off the top of tmy head), then a brown wire that looks like it went to the fuse. The blue and yellow ones were quick connect, the brown on did not have a quick connect attached to it. Some kind of covering on it, but looks soldered to the prong.