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    Hello need help!

    Hmmmm....then I wonder why there are so many stencil companies kyle? I use mylar stencils when getting ready for any type of show this allows me to create in bulk? I prepare 300 to 500 signs for one show, if I was to hand paint (free hand) which I do for customs, it would take me over a year to do 500 although I can't speak for other sign makers I choose stencils and have spent a small fortune on them. There has to be a better program out there....there are so many stencil companies that are able to manipulate the words etc....I can't imagine there is not a program out there that doesn't bridge letters...on the ones I have bought...every single bridge is too perfect to be manually inserted. Any other suggestions for programs?
  2. ashraetz

    Hello need help!

    Hi there...I am new to US Cutter, just received the US Titan 2 two weeks ago...I am a sign PAINTER and bought this machine to cut mylar material to make word painting stencils. So with this being said, I am having a really hard time doing this. I have figured how to manually bridge letters BUT wow,,,,is there a program out there that would be compatible with the titan that would automatically bridge letters? SCALP does not, and it is just not friendly to use for the designs I need to make. I paint custom signs for people so I need to manipulate words and do like chalkboard type fonts and signs...I am so frustrated right now with this. Also is there a type of cutting mat I can get for my mylar or anyone know of where I can get adhesive mylar that doesn't peal off sticky? I am having a very difficult time!