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    engraving jpeg

    You need to save as .SVG to work...
  2. marvinloveless

    24" wide format inkjet printer. Whats out there?

    You mentioned in your post, that you make custom stickers. What material do you use? Could you send me a link? I am having the hardest time finding the right sticker material for Pigment Ink printers.. Thanks, Marvin
  3. marvinloveless

    Order Forms

    Thank you to all the offered your wisdom, I appreciate you all for taking the time. Best regards Marvin
  4. marvinloveless

    Order Forms

    Slice & Dice, Thank you for your insight, your method made me realize I needed to address fonts types. I really appreciate your professionalism and willingness to help. If ever I can return the favor I will..
  5. marvinloveless

    Order Forms

    Sue you are awesome, thank you so much. If ever I can return the favor I will do so first in line. I like your form, it is easy to understand and helps me with my thought process.
  6. marvinloveless

    Order Forms

    If you are implying that I am not appreciated you are mistaken. I understand where your opinion comes from. I have read many post here and I do not agree with your assessment. This question falls right in line with questions asked and answered. If you don't want to help answer a question I post, then please keep moving, I understand that some people feel that answering basic questions will threaten their business but I doubt it will be because they shared the types of information they have learned to collect thru trial and error. I myself would have no issues helping someone with a similar request which I posted.
  7. marvinloveless

    Order Forms

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your insight it is greatly appreciated. What I am trying to do is develop a order taking form to be used when recording the interest of my client for example if I am responding to a vehicle graphics request or a window graphics request, I will use a form that will capture all information necessary to fully understand the client needs and at the same time be able to properly calculate pricing information. I was hoping to learn from those of you doing the business for some time and knew what information to capture to best work. I use quickbooks for my invoicing, and being able to provide quote statements, invoices, and statements is no problem. My issue is that I lack the experience to best know what information beyond the basic common sense information should be collected. (I don't know what I don't know) I guess I am referring to a work-order form... Thanks for all the responses I understand that I must walk the line to gain experience but many mistakes can be avoided through advance research and asking those like you for advice... If you would be willing to share your Work-order Form with me, this would give me insight into possible scenarios.
  8. marvinloveless

    Order Forms

    Hello all, I am just getting strated and I need some help. Does anyone have a standard form they use when taking orders that covers all possible job types or are you using different forms for different jobs? Would any of you be willing to share your forms with me that I could develop my own form from? Thank for your help in advance. Marvin