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  1. Omg omg! Dakotagrafx Okay so I opened the LXI 6.6 disc case and lo and behold, there's a user code and passcode!!! So now all I'm missing is the dongle then... Had no idea that was the actual software, I was looking for a disc that said Lynx on it somewhere lol.
  2. Awesome information, thank you so much guys!!! Dakotagrafx - do I contact Sign Warehouse to attempt to get the dongle, user code and passcode? Now that you mentioned Sign Warehouse, it does have that label on the box it came in... mb20music - thank you for that, that looks like it would work WAY better than what I have haha!!
  3. I'd previously had a SeikiTech cutter and had a blast doing projects, but when my husband died last year I sold it. So recently I decided to get on craigslist and look for vinyl cutters. I found one close by, it was listed as a Lynx S-30 with a box of software and a TON of vinyl, for $250. So I got it. I brought it home and started setting it up, but couldn't figure out what software it takes. About an hour of digging around on Google and I found out I didn't, in fact, have the right software. On top of that, I only received the power cable and one cable out of 2 it's supposed to come with, which is used for the "Parallel" port, I guess, and according to the "Cutter Setup CD" they advise not to use that port, but rather the "Serial Port." The CD shows the Serial Port cable as having 2 heads on one end and only 1 head on the other. Plus, neither end of the cable I have will plug into either of my computers, but both ends actually plug into both ports on the cutter itself...it's confusing: On a side note, the Cutter Setup CD doesn't show how to plug in the cables, and it looks soooooo retro it's not even funny... This thing could've been made in the early 80's for all I can tell on the CD... Which is really kind of scary, for many reasons, including software issues, connection issues, reliability, if I have a problem how to contact the manufacturer since they might not even be around anymore... (P.S. I don't even know who manufactures Lynx cutters...) I can't find really much of anything online as far as info goes on this cutter, so I don't even know if it will be compatible with either my Windows 7 Home Edition or Windows 10 (which I HIGHLY doubt it on that one), or if I can use Inkscape or if I absolutely HAVE to have CorelDraw, which I don't have, and REALLY don't want to spend that much money on a program I don't want to use. I'm very well versed in Inkscape and have used it for years for designing, and it's a free program which is nice, considering I really don't have the $400+ to spend. Very frustrated and discouraged. Basically what I need to know is 1.) How the ****** do I hook this thing up to my computer, 2.) How do I get a hold of the software, and 3.) Can I use Inkscape with this machine? Bonus question: What exactly is the Lynx S-30???? (Graphtech, Roland [I'm assuming not haha, couldn't be that lucky], SeikiTech, etc?) I know there's an S-60 version also, but who manufactures it? Also, what's the liklihood of reselling this without the software and proper cables??? ANY info would be fantastic right about now. I have projects lined up and I'm itchin to git r' done, it's torture having a cutter I can't use
  4. RachelleM1986

    "Cannot Open Port" pops up often

    Mz SKEETER - I'm seriously thinking I should've just invested in a Graphtec That's actually a really good idea to keep a computer just for the cutter, I never thought of that. The layout of our counter doesn't allow us to keep the cutter plugged into our computer all the time unfortunately, the cutter would be right in front of our file cabinet that we have to access often. I'll look into buying one of those Tripplite Keyspan Adapters, maybe that'll solve my problems
  5. RachelleM1986

    "Cannot Open Port" pops up often

    Hahaha omg Wildgoose thank you, you totally made my day Mz SKEETER - that would really suck if I have to turn off my computer every time I plug the machine in... Thank you for the informed advice, but is it 120% necessary to shut everything down just to plug in Bertha? I only tried plugging in the USB to other hubs once, and I turned off the machine between unplug/plugin. Jburns - yes, I only get the message when I hit send... The com # doesn't change, it's always been com port #3, even when I have to uninstall/reinstall. I never manually change it, and I've never seen the number change on its own. (What does "Baud rate" mean?) Could my problem really be as simple as the USB chord?? That would be awesome...and SO easy to fix!! pshawny - thank you for your advice, I'll give that a try the next time. I just ended up uninstalling/reinstalling everything yesterday I had a sign job I had to get done so I said screw it. It is, however, inevitable that it'll happen again, I'm sure. Thank you so much everyone for your advice, I'm glad I'm actually getting responses!!!
  6. RachelleM1986

    "Cannot Open Port" pops up often

    Sorry, "FlexiStarter 11 Cloud Edition 4"
  7. RachelleM1986

    "Cannot Open Port" pops up often

    Hi there, I'm new to this site, but I seriously need some help before I use my plotter for target practice I've had my SeikiTech SK 720 T for about 4 months now. I'm using Flexi Starter Cloud Edition 11 on Windows 8 with a USB connection. In the last 4 months, I've had to uninstall and reinstall my software 6 times now, looking at a 7th time today. I tried getting in touch with Support about it, but all the gal told me to do was keep uninstalling/reinstalling the software (really?!?!). On my computer (an Acer desktop) I only have 1 USB hub in the front, and that's the ONLY hub I use for the machine. The only other thing that gets plugged into that hub when I'm not using the machine is a USB charger for an iPhone we use at the store. I'll cut several jobs, ranging from 20 minutes to 7 hours, with NO problems...and then suddenly it "cannot open port." I've tried restarting everything (machine and computer), I've tried plugging the USB into other hubs, I've checked on all my settings and everything is fine - it just simply doesn't want to work out of the blue. (I think Bertha's temperamental...) The only other conclusion I can draw for the faulty software is that the 3" Utility disc is a burned disc, like it's copied and not all the info got on there?? I'm so beside myself with aggravation lol - does anyone have any advice?? I'm not hugely computer savvy, I know a few things but I'm definitely not "computer smart" so if anyone needs any other info I'll do what I can to find out what you need!! I'm just SO tired of having to uninstall and reinstall this crap, it takes 30-45 minutes each time