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    How fast should job start?

    In a petulant fit i increased the baud rate to 38400 and that fixed it, instantly started printing. I don't understand why, but as long as it works....
  2. I'm a complete newbie at this stuff. I have got my ct630 setup, signcut installed etc. All seems ok. To get my first test cut out, I loaded inkscape, typed in the word "test" in a large strong font, saved it as a svg file. Opened that svg file in signcut, did a preview of the cut, all looks good, adjusted the paper size and image size and hit "cut out" Immediately my ct630 control panel lit up, text on it changed to say "Working" and the fans started. That was nearly ten minutes ago. Nothing else has happened. !
  3. Hi all, As the title says, my ct 630 has all 3 pinch rollers sitting together on the very left. I assume i need to move them about depending on the width of the material i am cutting. But I cannot move any of them. The rollers are `up` but I cannot physically slide or move any of them towards the right even when I put a reasonable amount of force on them Help!