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  1. Hi Jaybird Have done that 3 times, it's no good, thanks for the help though Peter
  2. Hi Madhatter I have the disc but in sign blazer the cutter is all ready there, it's just happened out of the blue.. Thanks for the suggestion Pete
  3. peterbeedham

    Hello from UK

    Hello Everyone I'm Pete and 34 ,Been sign making for about a year now and love it! I'm in the UK, I.m pretty basic with sign blazer and a mh 721 cutter but learning all the time Hope to contribute to the forums as and when i learn more Pete
  4. Hi Everyone As you can see i'm new here, but have been sign writing with vinyl for a year or so I have a MH721 and use signblazer. If possible i would like some advice please. When i go to cut in signblazer, the cutter automatically displays test and tries to move but can't and that is it. it does light up and make a noise , so i know the cutter has power, if i press the test button it does do a star / test cut.. Help would be appreciated Peter