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  1. Thanks OWJ! Are you talking about the settings on the machine itself? I saw a post like that (probably the one you're referring to) and checked out that option. Unfortunately that wasn't the case for me. I'm actually starting to think it might have something to do with the origin point. That blue dot in the lower right corner of the diagram in the first image I posted. My cutter seems to always want to start on the left side of the material roll. By rotating the file the way I have been, everything lines up and starts from where it should. Is there a way to move the origin point so that it is on the left side as opposed to the right? I tried setting the origin to match the diagram, by changing it from the machine, but that didn't seem to work. And this work around of rotating the image worked out well enough to get all my files plotted for my two big jobs this weekend. So that piece of stress has passed. Now If I could just get things dialed in a running smoothly, I'll be all set.
  2. Yeah, there are a lot to choose from. I downloaded the right Cutting Master for my setup, though. I've run out of steam for tonight. I'll give this another shot in the morning. Thanks for all the help and suggestions!
  3. I changed the setup to the 5000-60, and the ruler at the top didn't seem to change at all. But I maintained the user defined media size at 1968x28. Then I righted the orientation man, inverted the height and width again, and got everything looking the way I wanted in the preview window. I clicked the "show me" button which is supposed to trace the file without actually dropping the blade, but all it did was travel up one edge of the vinyl about (I'm guessing) 116 inches, straight across, where it the carriage paused for a few seconds, and then went farther up the roll. In short, it did not trace the file in question. So I reset the origin point back at the bottom again, and hit SEND. It did the same thing it was doing the first time, cutting the bottom 28 inches of the file at a 90 degree angle to what is shown in the preview. I even checked the rotate option on the cutter itself, and it is not selected. This is bizarre!
  4. Got it. Thank you so much! I'll see if I can figure out how to change the driver...
  5. Interesting. Any idea how I might be able to change the setting from 64"? Even with the ruler reading the measurements that it is, the machine doesn't seem to go beyond the actual width of the vinyl. And the only options in the media size dropdown menu are "User defined," and "48x1968 inches." And again, I am using 30" vinyl, so I don't know where that measurement came from. The initial problem was that, with the settings all reading as in the first screenshot, the actual output was that of the first section of the preview window in the second screenshot. Is that clear? I did buy this plotter used, and didn't get any software with it. I downloaded the Cutting Master plug in from the Graphtec website, and I am just trying to get it dialed in. I really appreciate all the help!
  6. Thanks for the feedback! The second screen shot is just to show what it is actually being cut, while the settings are set as the first screenshot shows. I am using 30" vinyl. When I click the "poll size" button to let the machine figure out the width for itself, it only powers up for a second, and then goes back into rest mode without moving any parts at all.
  7. OK, well after a little trial and error, I have found a work around, but I'm not too pleased with it. It seems that if I invert the media size dimensions, and rotate the image 90 degrees, it prints just fine. But that doesn't allow me much of a viewable area in the preview box, and I'm concerned that this isn't actually the way it's meant to work. How can I get the image to print the way it's meant to print, and not like this?
  8. Hello, I'm a newbie poster to this forum, although I've gotten some great information from it over the years. I'm hoping I can get an answer to my current problem. I've recently moved from a US cutter to a Graphtec CE5000-120 plotter. I am using the Cutting Master 2 program to interface between my Mac G4 Powerbook (yes,a very old model, but still working great) and my plotter. I have been running a few different files from logos to designs trying to get the settings right. I am trying to print a simple design for a vinyl dance floor applique. The design is 27" wide x 117" tall. I thought I had everything in the dialogue box set right, but when I send it to cut, somewhere along the way it gets turned 90 degrees and only cuts the first 27" section at a right angle to what it should be. Here is a screenshot of the dialogue box. And what it seems to be printing is the bottom section of what is in the preview pane of the following screenshot, and then it stops. Thank you for your help. What am I missing?