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  1. Has anyone here cut fabric for appliqués with the MH Refine 721 or similar? Not twill, necessarily, but any kind of fabric. The hobby cutters, Silhouette and Cricut, have mats to adhere the fabric to, but would those work with my MH 721? Is there another way to cut fabric with these cutters? Any info or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Peachy
  2. My "Safely Remove Hardware" icon has disappeared, and I get a blue screen with physical dump scary error if I try to unplug my MH721 - even if the power to the cutter is off. Anybody know what I can do besides turning off my computer before unplugging my cutter? "Eject" isn't an option when I go into properties. Thanks in advance! Peachy
  3. Peachykeen

    Incomplete weeding frame

    I'm a newbie using SignCut (free version) and CorelDraw x4. My designs cut fine, but I get only 3 sides of the weeding frame. How can I fix this? Thanks so much for your help! Tricia
  4. See discussion here...,27900.0.html
  5. My laptop has 4 USB ports. If I start noticing strange things, I'll start unplugging things. I can't imagine doing without my mouse, though! : ) Thanks for your help, Hockeygirl! Peachy
  6. Definition in regards to any particular acts of finickiness? What have you seen your cutter do (or not do) when it's hooked up to a laptop via USB? I'm obviously a newbie and don't know if operator error may have caused any weird things. Thanks so much for all the help! Peachy
  7. Define "finicky"! I just did a couple of tests with the pen, and so far, so good - except I must have messed up the origin??? A couple of times after successfully plotting, the cutter dumped the paper (8.5" x 11") out the back instead of feeding it forward. Another learning curve ahead... Thanks again, Peachy
  8. I do have an 8-yr-old laptop with a parallel port I could use. Is that a stable solution (as long as the dinosaur doesn't crash)? I'll try the USB on my newer laptop first and see how it goes. Thanks! Peachy
  9. Hi, Speeddoggy, Yes, I have the USB cable and could connect with that, but after reading other posts about problems with USB connectivity, I thought I should forget that option. I've read the newbie manual - well part of it - but I wasn't sure I understood the usb driver section: "In case of a Creation/UScutter PCUT plotter and using USB directly from PC to plotter we advise you to download the following file to your desktop. 2.06.00 WHQL" Does this include the MH721 or is the driver on the installation CD? As I said, I read too many posts about USB issues to feel comfortable using that option. I appreciate any advice! Peachy
  10. I just got the MH721 and just realized I don't have a 9-pin serial port on my laptop. How can I connect my cutter to my laptop? Many thanks from a newbie!
  11. Peachykeen

    grounding cable?

    Does it matter what gauge the wire is? Will antenna wire or speaker wire work? Thanks!