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  1. Hello all of the Inkscape users. I'm running XP Pro with 2 gb memory and have no problems at all with Illy or CD4. When I switch to Inkscape, the program seems to freeze, showing a conflict in the program somewhere along the line. Most of the time, it is verrrry sslowww switching between the functions. And as for saving a file...a full minute can pass before it 'un-freezes'. Any suggestions or preference settings you recommend? Thanks, Chase
  2. orbitgrfx

    Inkscape conflicts with XP Pro SP3 ???

    Yeah Bob, I re-installed the program and all is the same. Can't figure it out. The version is correct and up to date and I've no other known conflicts on the laptop. I'm using Illy for now, and switching to CD when needed for ease depending on the project. I'm lost on this one.
  3. orbitgrfx

    workforce 1100

    Office Depot has them for 129. beginning Sunday. I'm thinking of buying one, but also should have scanning abilities.
  4. orbitgrfx

    Need This Font!

    Hey thanks !!!! I've been looking for this a long time. :)
  5. orbitgrfx

    AMAZON - great deal on Epson 1400

    You'll love the prints!!
  6. orbitgrfx

    AMAZON - great deal on Epson 1400

    The 1400 has a higher definition ink with great photo blacks....you won't be disappointed at all with the print quality. With nominal printing, you should be fine with the Epson carts. I was doing heavy t-shirt printing and found that a CIS was the way to get things done. The difference between Claria (1400) and DuraBrite (1100) besides composition, is a few quarters in cost per cart. The 1400 requires 6 as opposed to the 1100 > 4
  7. orbitgrfx

    AMAZON - great deal on Epson 1400

    Be careful with the 1400. It's a great printer at any price; the Claria inks are superb dye-based inks, albeit pricey in the original carts; and produces some excelllent photo quality prints. Why be cautious???....The Claria inks will (can) dry in the printhead if left unused after a period of 3-4 days and you will have a real mess on your hands. The printhead is almost improbable to remove and clean on your own, and a trip to a Certified Epson Repair shop will ensue. You can run a diagnostic print head cleaning; be prepared to use copious amounts of black, magenta, cyan. The good side is that there are many Epson and aftermarket inks that can be run in the 1400. Bulk inks are always good and some are rather inexpensive in comparison to Claria. Your choice will be dye, pigment and even sublimation! If you decide to purchase it, kepp in mind to set your printer to print (a small print job is fine) every three days in order to keep the head clear. I've owned two of them and love the prints. My mistake was using it on my laptop in a mobile environment (T-shirt transfers in my RV) while my laptop was not always with me. Keep it always on/standby and connected to your workstation and set to print occasionally and you will love it! -Chase
  8. It's 4 AM, and I'm in need of help/guidance with my personal logo. The frozen mango daiquiris aren't helping much.....at least with the designing part. Ha! What I'm trying to accomplish is 'wrapping' the flames along the same path as the arrow. The flames will replace the arrow in the final draft, and will connect with my rocket in the 50's style logo. It will be used for print (biz cards, brochures) and cut (car and signs). Any help is greatly appreciated and please get back to me if you need fonts or vectors....I have tons of them.
  9. orbitgrfx

    New Banner rolls from Sign Universe

    Thanks John, I've got the site bookmarked for future needs. -Chase
  10. orbitgrfx

    Free 3M Sample rolls

    Ryan called me to verify my request for samples when I ordered. He sent me a 24 x 5Yd roll of 7125-12 right awy. The other request I made was not sent for another two weeks. I had requested samples of the translucent, and the one I received was J680CR. I don't know what I'll do with a 48" x 5Yd white reflective, but I suppose it'll be good to have around. Does he send out requests for colored specialty vinyls?
  11. orbitgrfx

    Wrap image to path - illy cs3

    I found through trial & error that envelope distort/mesh is going to be the way to finish this. Only two of the ''plumes' will be used, so overlap will not be that big of an obstacle, unless I decide to weld the final and redraw some of the colored detail into the flame. I'm going to be busy with another paid job today, then plans for a ride with the guys this evening....we all need R/R from this stuff....so at least I'm at the place I need to be with this. Again, I appreciate your time and guidance on this.
  12. orbitgrfx

    Wrap image to path - illy cs3

    Thanks midwaste....I'll get right on it. I've tried and posted also in CD as I really need to get this done. As for the flames that you've seen already, do you think the nodes need to be reduced for cutting? I'll test it all when I'm done with the wrap. Thanks again. Chase
  13. orbitgrfx

    Help with 'breaking apart' this image.

    Thanks to everyone for the consideration and help. I've decided that this was not the project for me and re-designed the entire logo (personal) for easier cutting. So, this thread is dead! mod: you can delete this post if needed.
  14. Hello all.... I've in a dilemma here. I would like some guidance on how to edit this font to change only the color of the 'line detail' that is wrapped around the actual letters. Can this be done in CDX4? Photoshop? Inkscape? I'd like to leave the font colors alone, but only darken the detail to charcoal. Any advice is greatly appreciated. -Chase bzcrd.svg bzcrd.svg
  15. orbitgrfx

    Fit image to path - CDX4

    Here is an .eps. flame-arrow.eps flame-arrow.eps
  16. orbitgrfx

    Fit image to path - CDX4

    Hello all.... I'm needing help with wrapping the flame images along the same path as the arrow. This is to be used for cut, as well as print for my personal logo. Can you help...guide me through the process? I really need to finish this and get all the pieces together for final draft. Any guidance is greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Chase
  17. orbitgrfx

    Wrap image to path - illy cs3

    here it is. flame-arrow.eps flame-arrow.eps
  18. orbitgrfx

    Wrap image to path - illy cs3

    Ooops....I forgot the .eps. Dang daiquiris!
  19. orbitgrfx

    Need a Vector of Flames

    Your jpg looks like a simple trace, have you tried vector magic or CDX4? I have a ton of flames in eps files. How many do you need?
  20. orbitgrfx

    Newbie needs help with a question please!!!

    You cannot cut bitmaps with your plotter. You must convert the image to vector in order to cut it. It's usually an .eps file, sometimes .svg. Could you clarify what cutter you are using? Besides Signblazer, what are you using for creating vectors? This is a good forum to frequent, especially being new to the craft. There's many good people here to help you along.
  21. orbitgrfx

    who here rides? bmw?

    Great topic! '07 Triumph Bonneville 865
  22. orbitgrfx

    Help with 'breaking apart' this image.

    The Gimp works as well. Thanks to all for the support. -Chase
  23. orbitgrfx

    Help editing font

    Thanks. I'll see if I can work with what you sent. I'm making progress, but it's going to be slow going. The bezier tool is making it possible. Thanks
  24. orbitgrfx

    Help editing font

    Hello everyone! I's like to 'break apart' this font to change the color of the 'grungy' detail extruding off of the font to charcoal. Is there a way of doing this in CDX4? Is there a free font editing software that would accomplish this? Any tuts available? I have inkscape also, but don't really know hot to use it. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thhanks to all. Chase
  25. orbitgrfx

    Help editing font

    The fonts design is what I want to keep, however, I'd like to change only the color of the line detail drawn into the letters. In other words, break apart the font to create separate layers; one for the line details, one for the actual letter without detail. Here is a jpg bzcrd.ai bzcrd.ai