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    I agree with ya, Nukleon. Vulgarity is not cool. You don't have to be profane to be profound! -Chase
  2. While in search of some vector sparkles, or Illy brushes, I happened across this tut on youtube. In the time it took to watch it and move along with the tut in real time, I was more than happy with the results.....I've been able to make a half dozen brushes this way for future needs. So smooth....just like butter!
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    Hello all! I'm looking for a vector or maybe a font dingbat that has the 50's style sparkles included. Hopefully, they will be of various shapes. Maybe there is a Ps or Illy brush available? Any guidance is very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    No one owns the patent/trademark on the smileyface, as it has never been applied for. It is public domain. The insurance guy who first drew the icon on an advertising sign never gave it thought to trademark it. The rest is history.
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    Good bye for good.

    pot stirring at both ends huh orbit?? I'm not sure, Dakota, what was meant by your comment. This saying is alien to me as I've never heard it before. I will, however, take the high road and assume that nothing was derogatory about your response since it shouldn't have stirred a debate within the context in which it was written. I, personally, loathe censorship in the form of shutting down debate or the free-flow of information. And that appears to be the situation in one case I was involved in with only 11 posts on my account while at vinylforum.org. The forum here will continue to be my primary source of info, with yours to be a casual secondary outlet. BTW, I say 'yours' as you have the large caps in red advertising it while on this forum. Again, no harm intended.
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    Good bye for good.

    To all of the 'knee-jerkers' who wish to abandon this forum..... be careful what you wish for. See the forest for the trees, not the other way around. There's alot of good info here on the forum, and some great members, too. You think there's no censorship over there??? Go on and keep thinking that....at your expense.
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    SBE Importing/opening .eps HELP

    Yeah. I figured it out in the meantime. Hey, thanks for your quick reply.
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    SBE Importing/opening .eps HELP

    I've captured a .eps file from BOTW and saved it to Illy 8 .eps. When I open the file in SBE, under the 'full postscript' option, the logo opens, but the fonts are all wrong. What gives with this SBE. I spent the $5. for the full download. My searches here have offered many instances of importing probs, but very few solutions. Any advice, here?
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    AutoZone logo with checkered flag?

    Call corporate; they'll be happy to send you some decals.
  10. orbitgrfx

    tool for cutting custom vinyl widths off rolls

    I've used a hacksaw with pretty good results. Encircle the roll with a strip of painters tape and saw.
  11. Oftentimes, I have a cut job of multiple decals from a roll of vinyl. For the sake of discussion, these decals are within a 4" x 4" tile, for packaged RTA. Is there an easy way to set registration marks for cutting purposes? A hairline between the decal would be great, but I can't figure out how to do it.
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    Reg marks for cutting multiple decals

    Yeah Mike, I was trying to figure out a grid pattern for the cutting/separating decals. I've been using the checkboxes in SBE....weed all, ect, but will have to trim 1 at a time in order to get them closer to the same size. Your method is what I've been doing, but am unhappy with the results.....all decals are of different sizes, and takes alot of trimming. Perhaps a guillotine cutter would help.
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    It needs to be much more devious and sinister. Otherwise, it's great.
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    Good bye for good.

    For all of you doing print work and t-shirts, t-shirtforums.com is a great source for printer and ink discussion. Check them out as well.
  15. Natasha, I've been considering the same at fleas and bazaars around town. Do you need to be licensed where you are? With the BP/US Gov disaster down here along the coast, I'm working on a decal for this mess that effects us all. How do you package your RTA's?
  16. Today, while out at sign shops snooping around and asking questions, I was quoted $58. for a 3x3 double sided w/two colors. $34. for a 18x24, and a whopping $186. for a single-sided 2x6' two color banner.
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    Can someone identify the Sunrise font pictured?

    Thanks, I found it. The font is Informal 011. But thanks, anyway.
  18. DaFont has this listed as Sunrise.....except that it has a reflective shadow attached to the letters. Does anyone know this original font name without the 'shadows'? I need it for the bike gang I ride with. Thanks. GCSB logo script.eps GCSB logo script.eps
  19. orbitgrfx

    Epson 1100 workforce or not

    I just ordered the Epson 100 from buy.com. Is the Cobra system easy to install on the 1100? I've installed CIS before on the 1400?
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    workforce 1100

  21. orbitgrfx

    Epson 1100 workforce or not

    I'm going to order a printer soon, and love the Epsons, as I've had a few in the past. There's just no better ink delivery for a consumer based affordable printer. However......the Epsons can drink alot of ink. And have a history of head clogging, which uses even more ink during the cleaning process. My ? to all of you 1100 users. How happy/unhappy are you with the ink delivery in the Workforce 1100? Has anyone experienced head clogging? I'm also considering the Epson Atrisan 700 series. Is a CIS available for the multifunction? Just a need to know......
  22. When I import into SBE, the image is imported, but the workspace set-up disappears. Reset the set-up and the image disappears. Over and over. I can't figure it out. Has any of you experienced this prob?
  23. orbitgrfx

    Can someone do these ASAP? URGENT

    I would recommend VectorMagic, also. It's so creditably easy to use and give you an enormous amount of control of your image. It's also not that expensive, so the revenue from just one small job can pay for it. Besides, any vector imaging tool is a must if you want to be in the biz of cutting vinyl. Good luck!
  24. orbitgrfx

    workforce 1100

    Concerning the ink transfer in the 1100.....Does the printer drink inks the way some of Epson's smaller muti-funtion printers do? If I get one (I'm leaning heavily toward the 1100) I'll be using it for brochures, advertising samples, price guides, ect., as well as printing decals on vinyl. The CIS system will come later after some revenue kicks in. Thanks for the feedback.
  25. orbitgrfx

    Printing on vinyl with inkjet printer

    I'm deciding on a printer for multi printing purposes.....brochures, price guides, advertising samples, as well as printing on vinyl. My question about the Epson 1100 is this.....How does it fare with inks? Does the printer drink ink the way some of their smaller multi-functions do?