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    Boat Graphic

    Clean this vector up and you'll have a match. boatsm.eps boatsm.eps
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    where to advertise my website

    If a person wanted, or needed to stick with paypal, then I suppose an option would to be inflating the cost of goods to cover expenses; or rip-off customers by inflating the cost of delivery. Either case is not what I'd call kosher, and the latter would be downright deceitful. I have skipped over many purchases because of the high cost of shipping on many sites. Since I'm committed to 'making this right' and not follow the business model that dictates obscene profits, it's my opinion that a merchant should provide and honest product in exchange for honest receipts. There is a story I'd like to relay to you that was told to me over 20 years ago by the father of a gorgeous lady I dated at the time. "She was 1st generation Greek. Her father, who was a wealthy restaurantuer in Chicago, liked me as a person, but deplored the fact that I was 'doing' his daughter. Ha, go figure..... As a young man he 'jumped ship' in NY while serving as a mariner onboard a Greek freighter. He didn't have two nickles to rub together, didn't understand a single word of English, and not knowing anyone in the States; he was determined to be an American and to live free. His business model capture his attention on the very first day after arriving. He told me, "I saw all of these people on the sidewalks, in shops, and buildings, and they all had money to spend. So I wondered, how to go about collecting just 2 cents of each of their dollars." After working and sleeping in the back of a mechanics garage, he saved his money and bought a hotdog cart...and another...and another.... The point he was making to me was....if you reach for all of their money, you will fail to succeed. The greed will consume you. If you give them a good product for honorable cost, they will come back to you with repeat business. There's more to the story but I will leave it as that, for now.
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    where to advertise my website

    I think I've come across zencart while surfing the net looking for possibilities. Are you planning take cards, or just a clearing house like paypal. I'm looking for a good, inexpensive way to get around the paypal craze, as I'm having a dispute with them. Paypro, I believe, is out of the question, too, as they are also with high fees. Good luck. As for me, I'm just beginning my site and have a few drafts for the index page. I'll be reminiscent of my newly designed cards.
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    Printing on vinyl with inkjet printer

    Is there a supplier that stocks Papillo's products, or must you order through Papillo's website? They have 11x17 in. vinyl sheets, so that would be great for the 1100. Where is the best/cost effective location that you get it from? It seems to be rather pricey, and wondering how it will affect price margins.
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    where to advertise my website

    I'm glad you posted this topic. The replies should be interesting with all of the ideas on this forum, and I'll be as interested in responses you get. As you website is concerned, do you have a 'shopping cart' embedded, and what scripting did you use? Since beginning the craft of vinyl cutting, my jobs have come from word of mouth without advertising, and has shown itself to be promising. However, I have plans to go 'world-wide' and will be considering the possibilities
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    To add or not to add phone number.....

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I've often heard it said to use no more than two fonts per card, and generally, I agree with the premise. There are only two fonts in the design...per side, and the scipt font on the rear is the same as the description at the bottom of the front side. 'The' is also the same. The 50's boxed lettering was added at the end as a way to associate with the intended theme. When the website is finished and goes live, you'll see that graphics is what I do and will have much more than signs and banners...yawn. Web animations, site design, as well as the RTA decals....no devils, calvin, skulls, ect, anyone can do that. Mostly mid-century modern inspired. Think American Graffiti meets The Jetsons.
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    To add or not to add phone number.....

    Yeah, all bleed margins are correct and is now at GotPrint for production of 2,500 cards. As far as the back of the card is concerned, the symmetry is what makes it appealing; with the words off-set, it is more reminiscent of the randomness of the mid 50's atomic theme. And that, was my desire. At least to my way of thinking and doing, the old style of stacking and even-spaced words layed out in a neat little box is rather.....ummm.....boring. As far as the 'all over the place' comment, the elements of design do not require equal spacing of words to the border, or margin, if you will. A small icon or graphic is a great way to 'balance' the work.
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    To add or not to add phone number.....

    After a little thought....it didn't take much....I went back and re-worked the card with all things considered. The murky color was due to low-rez, however, I went through the (almost) entire spectrum of possibilities before finding charcoal, and.......'pow'! It all come alive. As for the rear of the card, it was already determined to be of the same background, with email, facebook ect, as well as the bullet points. Yeah, the number works well. Thanks to all for the advice and guidance. Posted are .jpg's to veiw and critique. I I'm planning on sending these to GotPrint in the morn.
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    Tupperware font

    It's similar to Colo-Pro, but with a thinner stroke.
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    To add or not to add phone number.....

    Thanks to all for the info on MajicJack.....I'll definitely check into it. Since I may be moving to Maine or Alaska, this MajicJack may come in handy. Before I visit their website, do they offer a toll-free number? It's a very long story, but I never thought I'd see Biloxi again....at least not to live here. I left many years ago and settled into a career that took me over the country and Caribbean, and now, after 'being sent' back and after a year and a half, I know my time here, is coming to a close. And the BP oil gusher which pretty much wreaked havoc and long-term damage to the coast is playing a factor in relocation. This may be more suited for the off-topic section, but I have to ask since I'm on the subject. Do any of you believe in extra-dimensional 'forces' that guide one through life? It's a serious question.
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    To add or not to add phone number.....

    On this, Nukleon, you have a point. I've considered the tech side of the argument, and with so many blackberries and iPhones out there, as well as the general laptop and web traffic, I thought it'd be okay to omit a number. Email and other info...myspace, facebook....will be in on the back side (yet to be completed). I'm still working on the draft to be determined. The print I made of the card in CMYK looks great with the atomic 50's theme and colors. However, I agree with you that it doesn't look good the way it shows up on the web. As soon as I looked at the post, it was clear to go back and re-work the colors just a bit to give more vibrancy and contrast.
  12. Does anyone have, or know someone who has one? I've come across a 48" inkjet that was used by an architect (now retired) and will 'give' it to me way cheap. It hasn't been used for about four years, so carts will be needed. Does this printer need to be used with AutoCAD? Web links show that drivers, manuals, ink carts, parts are available. I'll check for a CIS system for this. I'm not familiar with the large format printers, but I'm stoked, just the same. If you have any feedback on the HP, please send it this way. Thanks, -Chase
  13. orbitgrfx

    HP 455ca Printer/plotter 48"

    Yes, it is a 300 dpi printer. As far as the ink is concerned, wouldn't it be possible to run pigment ink through the carts, since the printhead is attached to the HP cartriges? I'm still looking into the possibilities.
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    Organizing .eps files without thumbnails...How to?

    Thanks for the quick responses. I'll give it a shot...... How does this work with Bridge?
  15. I just received my order from Memphis this morning, after only two days. I'd say that's very acceptable and good service.
  16. I'm doing a logo for a local high school who's colors are the same as U of Miami.....an orange and a green. Does anyone know the 651 reference number to the needed colors? Thanks, -Chase
  17. My question is "what would you charge for this two-color decal, for 25 of them, with more to come. "The teacher who gave me the order is a decent acquaintance of mine who I ride with occasionally (motorcycles). I'll also have to order the proper colors for the job (I'm thinking 651 or Shine Brite). My rough guess would be $7.50 per decal for 6", additional buck or two for 8". Do you think it's too low or about right. I just concidered the vinyl prices without shop time or weeding, layout. Your imput is greatly appreciated. -Chase W_Harrison_Logo_Final.eps W_Harrison_Logo_Final.eps
  18. Thanks for your reply. Your calculations are much more in tune to what I was thinking. I know the cost from a local "shop" would be much greater, since it would be priced for max profit. While I'd like the account, I'm careful not to overprice, nor under-quote, in order to gain the exposure.
  19. Thanks greenie, I know it's only a reference tool, but does this calculate expenses, or suggested retail? I entered 8x8" 25 each w/ one additional color and it came back @ 4.73 each. That calculates to less than 2.5 cents per inch. Being that they are two-color decals and with the logo as it is, I believe that two separate logos will need to be cut...1 green, 1 orange, and layered. As opposed to cutting a separate orange 'shaddow' to lay down, which would still use the same amount of vinyl cut from the roll. BTW, the people down here in the Gulf South are cheap, cheap, cheap.....except when THEY are the ones doing the pricing. Then, hold on to your wallet! A High School should have a stronger budget that most
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    Live to ride, Ride to live

    So, let's ride!
  21. The figure I came up with considered .10 sq in in vinyl usage. The two colors would use the same amount of vinyl....minimal reduction in the green. At .10 x 6" by 6" x 2 colors comes to $7.20. I rounded up to allow for shop, layout, weed. Isn't this the preferred way of pricing RTA's? After all, I'm a relative noob in the commercial part of the biz. I usually have been cutting for friends as a hobby. I do, however, need to get up to speed on the commercial aspect of cutting since I'm developing a biz model to launch by labor day. Feedback, please. -Chase
  22. Hello all, I've read on the forum that's it's wise to use wet install when layering vinyl. How would you layer the vinyl for this 2-color RTA logo? I'll be doing 25 of them approximately 6-8". I know and am aquainted with the reg mark method. I'm kinda thinking ahead and concerned about proper registration when laying down the second color over a large template. I'll deliver this next week after I receive the proper colors for the job....651. Thanks, -Chase
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    looking for a bottle cap

    I've seen many of them all over the net. Do a search for bottle cap vector and take your pick! Hope this helps.
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    Where to buy T-shirts?