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    USCutter MH721-MK2 problem

    update at top
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    USCutter MH721-MK2 problem

    Thank you, you just saved me hours of frustration, sometimes the biggest problem is the simplest solution. In everything I saw I never once saw or read anything about the clamps. I need to play around with the pressure to get a full clean line. I feel really stupid right now, stupid but relieved. Thanks again
  3. xtrachrispy

    USCutter MH721-MK2 problem

    So I am continuing to work with my new MH721-MK2 but I am getting really rough cuts. I am using the settings recommended in one of the UScutter videos of Cut Speed=500ms and Cut Press=100G. If you look at the edges very closely it looks like the vinyl was torn more than cut. The blade like the machine is brand new. It is a 45* blade. Does it matter which way the blade is facing? None of the material I have seen has specified. Also since it is not giving a clear cut, the weeding is also difficult, in most cases pulling up all of the vinyl instead of just the excess. What is the likely culprits here? Crappy blades, crappy vinyl, wron settings, crappy machine? I know these things are difficult to troubleshoot remotely but any advice would greatly be appreciated. http://s1265.photobucket.com/user/xtrachrispy/media/decal2_zps81983f23.jpg.html ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OLD Just got my Vinyl cutter the other day and still trying to figure it all out. Have looked through various forums and youtube videos and have been able to solve all of my problems so far but this one. When doing a test draw using the pen tool (why waste vinyl when it's not working right yet) and it is drawing lines but doesn't seem to really ever move the paper forward, so essentially it keeps drawing over the same spots repeatedly. when doing a larger design it moves a bit more but not much. I have posted a video to youtube to show what I am talking about. I am hoping this is just a settings issue and not a hardware problem. thanks in advance -Xtrachrispy