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    Cutting rolls of App tape

    Hello all, I recently bought R-tape conform in a 24" roll thinking it would be quicker to apply to the bigger jobs i do that use 24" vinyl. It has only proved harder and I end up wasting more. Is there any good way to cut the roll in different lengths? I've read a bandsaw can work but I can see that tearing it and ruining a whole role. Thanks, Michael
  2. Glamiskid395

    LP 2 stopping midway thru a cut

    I am posting now to update that i believe i found the problem where the plotter would freeze while cutting, even when all the data was sent. i realized the rollers were not contacting metal to continue the ground to the stand and then to the machine. the bearings sit on plastic. so I backed out the screws holding the plastic piece down so they contact the bearing, and I have not had a problem since. Hope that makes sense, and in the future will help out anyone else with this problem. -Mike
  3. Glamiskid395

    LP 2 stopping midway thru a cut

    Little update, i got the Serial adapter from Radioshack. The SCALP software picks up the cable but wont send any info to the plotter. The cable driver software is installed.
  4. Glamiskid395

    LP 2 stopping midway thru a cut

    Thanks for all your help Mz. SKEETER! It is greatly appreciated!
  5. Glamiskid395

    LP 2 stopping midway thru a cut

    I am using Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 3.
  6. Glamiskid395

    LP 2 stopping midway thru a cut

    I'll pick up a Serial Cable tomorrow. I hope it will help. wasting this vinyl isn't good. I also notice when cutting it likes to skip around, is there a way to keep it from doing this? so it doesn't constantly feed the roll back and forth? Maybe cut down on possible static build-up.
  7. Glamiskid395

    LP 2 stopping midway thru a cut

    I am using static guard, i spray just the vinyl, should I spray the blade too? another note, when unrolling the vinyl by hand while its on the rollers, my computer disconnects and reconnects, It thinks I'm unplugging the machine and plugging it back in. I am using a USB cable. I will try the cut without the blade in.
  8. Hello, I thought I had this problem figured out, but it has come back. Just as the title says, the plotter stops with the blade in the down position, mid cut. This time it has happened on a 70" x 6" Logo that goes on trucks. its a simple logo that just says 'Icon Vehicle Dynamics'. I am using sure cuts a lot pro 3. once it says all the data has been sent, it keeps cutting but then stops. the machine continues to say 'now is cutting...' I also have a grounding wire from the plotter to the stand. Any help is appreciated Thanks, Mike
  9. Glamiskid395

    LP 2 problem feeding oracal vinyl?

    Thanks for the quick help. I did learn about pre feeding when i was researching the plotter. I would just roll the vinyl back up once i got it straight.
  10. Glamiskid395

    LP 2 problem feeding oracal vinyl? and a little video Just saw your post skeeter, i did not know the grit rollers could not feed the vinyl straight from the roll.
  11. Hello guys, new to the forum, and vinyl plotters. I have had a pretty trouble free start up aside from a couple hiccups. Now i finally got some Oracal vinyl, cast fluorescent 6510 and basic colors 631. I got a 24"x10 yard roll, what i am having happen is, the feed rollers wont feed it. When they start to feed 'new' vinyl off the roll, they lock up, yet if i unroll the vinyl its all okay. Is there someway i can fix this or do i have to deal with it being as its a value cutter. Also, Avery vinyl of the same size roll 24"x10yards feeds just fine, as does schiien holographic from signwarehouse. Thanks Mike