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  1. stormy

    1000 Members Strong!!

    Funny, today is the first time I've been on here in a long time. #675
  2. stormy

    Can I get help on this one?

    Mainly just need the T3B logo from the top, but I can't get a good clean vector of it. Or if anyone knows the font they used, I could recreate it. Don't do this much anymore, I'm pretty rusty. Trying to make a decal for a work buddy. Thanks for any help!
  3. stormy

    can anyone ID this "groovy" font?

    Thanks Mark!
  4. stormy

    can anyone ID this "groovy" font?

    can anyone ID this "groovy" font?
  5. stormy

    99-04 Ford Mustang Template

    I've got those files already. They mislabeled them. Those are actually 94-98 Mustangs. Thanks though.
  6. Looking for an outline/template of a 99-04 Ford Mustang. I don't have one in my vehicle outlines for some reason and I'm wanting to make some graphics for my Stang. Thanks.
  7. Replied to your facebook message, Bobby. Thanks for the reference, Matthew
  8. stormy

    to screen print or not?

    That's a low budget for only 50 shirts, but yes it's still profitable. That's about what I charged to do 200 last week.
  9. stormy

    Best place to but aluminum blanks?
  10. stormy

    Clam shell or Swing Away?

    Swing away is going to be the best for you if you're going to specialize in sublimation.
  11. stormy

    2 or 3 color vinyl ?

    Many people do this by cutting decal in white and airbrushing the blue. I can't think of rolls being like this already because the fade isn't scalable if it's already printed on a roll. If you're talking about a holographic type vinyl, check out
  12. select inverse and fill it with black.
  13. stormy

    Looking for opinions/ideas...

    If it were me, I'd ask the customer if he/she had a preference. That way you know it's going to be good with them. If the customer didn't have a preference. I'd probably adjust the size for the smaller window.
  14. stormy

    How to cut Max-Metal HD

    I found a metal cutting bit designed for the Roto-Zip. Think I'm gonna buy it and give it a shot. I'll post pics when the sign's finished next week.