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    Contour Cutting in Flexi Pro with a Laserpoint

    I have the US LaserPoint 24 and FlexSign 8.1 pro and have followed all the help from Sparkness and all the instruction about contour cutting from the Flexi's help site, but my LaserPoint is still not contour cutting. I am able to get the Laserpoint 24 to cut using the Laserpoint 24 driver from uscutter as well as using the pcut dmpl driver. When I print out the image and align the registration mark with the laser and press cut, it does not cut around the image but is off quite a bit. I tried changing the numbers in Pcut driver, but it was to no avail. In the instructions for contour cutting in flexisign it says that when you send the cut to the printer it should ask you to configure the registration marks by setting the laser to each registration mark, but for me no option window pops up and the LP24 just starts printing. I think this could be part of the problem, but I do not know how to fix it? Also, in order for me to cut from flexisign as a contour cut, I have to convert the job file in production manager to a pct file and then cut. Once again the LP24 cuts, but it is not contour cutting. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this? The only solution that I have found is to do two cuts. That is I do a print, the cut it, then adjust for the error and re-cut it by lining it up to a registration mark that I draw on the page that is the same distance off from the actual registration mark as the error. This worked ok, but is super cumbersome when you have a lot of images to do and it is still not actually contour cutting. Overall, it seems as though the cutter is not recognizing the registration marks locations relative to the image as it never requests us to line up the marks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks, Steve