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  1. pitkin2020

    Emailing design from Sign blazer

    All you have to do is export it as a jpg or whatever format you think your client can view it in. Usually I export as .PDF. Taking a screenshot will give a very low quality image and will only be at screen size. Depending on what you are showing them you may want it larger so they can zoom in on details.
  2. pitkin2020

    All *.eps files are bad?

    maybe post the .eps up for someone to check. It would be quite odd if all the files are bad I suspect its probably a problem with the software
  3. Anyone else got any ideas, i'm surprised someone hasn't stripped one of these down just to see how they work by now lol
  4. Well i'm not mad (well not on this issue anyway lol) I have checked it again today. One roller has two grub screws, 1 each end of the roller, the 2nd roller only has one grub screw which is located at the end of the roller (but closest to the middle) the other end has nothing, no screw no screw hole. Anyone else with an MH721 got the same or has my machine not been finished in the shop lol.
  5. pitkin2020

    Newbie!! Please help?

    there is no specific UK version it still works though.
  6. pitkin2020

    Corel Photo -Paint

    Yeah it will now but at one time it more than likely asked you to select the program, once you select that program if you accidently selected to associate that file with corel paint it wont ask you again, it will automatically associate it with corel paint and open it
  7. pitkin2020

    Corel Photo -Paint

    You have probably associated that type of file with photo paint in the past, whereby when it asked you what to use you may have selected photo paint and ticked "remember for next" or something along those lines. There is an option to remove the association but I honestly can't remember how you do it now, google may help, try searching for file association removal?
  8. pitkin2020

    US Cutter MH-871

    Nice post. Have to say my refine too has paid for itself and I haven't really been using it in the business sense just doing stuff for friends and family. Yes it has had problems and as a new user of this type of machine I haven't really had a clue on what to do with it when it has gone wrong, but now I am happy to get the screw driver out and try solve the problem. The machine really is budget entry machine and I think some peoples expectations of the machine far exceed the price it is offered at. You wouldn't buy a small engine car used off ebay and expect it to perform like a bugatti veyron lol.
  9. Yep thats correct the silver rollers, like I said the good roller has two grub screws but the other only has one screw with 1 fixing. I'll take another look just to make sure I haven't gone mad lol
  10. The roller that has play only has one screw though and that is tight (took it out and rescrewed it to make sure), the other end of the roller doesn't even have a hole for the screw let alone a screw.
  11. Well not sure if it needs replacing or can be fixed but basically one of the rollers has play in it. If I spin the good roller with the end of the cutter off you can see that the slightest movement moves the belt/cog and there is no play in it. The other roller though has about 2-3mm of spin before it moves the cogs/belts. My cuts when using a full 24 inch roll are awful, totally missing the cut lines and leaving huge gaps in the cuts, or worse still tracks so far off it cuts into itself. I tried using 10 inch width scraps earlier on the good roller and the difference is HUGE, cuts were completing and were fine. Offset probably needed a little adjustment but you could see a little tweaking and it would be spot on. I have removed the bottom of the cutter but I can't see how to get the roller out. Do you think the whole roller needs replacing or is there someway to tighten up the play. The grub screws you can get to from the top are tight! Although the good roller has two screws I can only see one on the bad one and there is no hole for it so its not missing. Cheers
  12. Mine does this too regardless of whether or not its on usb or serial. Are you cutting quite a lot or a large item?? Mine is fine if i break the cutting down into smaller pieces if I try to cut a lot of small things but the total is full width 600 say by 2m it will slice through the whole lot from time to time, if it split it then its fine say several items instead of 20.
  13. pitkin2020

    any help or advice plz

    Thank i'll take a look at that.
  14. pitkin2020

    any help or advice plz

    Yeah this motorhome is a 95 IIRC, if it were me I would just have the new logos put on instead of the old ones but hey ho Doubles?? can you elaborate as I can't see what you mean?.
  15. pitkin2020

    any help or advice plz

    here is the attachment, hope its works 3graphics.eps