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  1. Hi, I got for try out the Creation's CS630 Z cutter as this is a very new one. My problem is that I heard the Serial connection is more stable. I connected the serial cable to my cutter and from the other side, on my computer I used a USB-Serial Converter (ATEN, driver The converter had own installer driver and I used that for installing COM3 port. Everything seemed to fine, the computer told, the driver works properly. Unfortunately I was not able to send any cut from SignCut X2 to the cutter. It started to send data but after a 20% is waiting for the cutter. Cutter does not start, only writes: Creation Working... COM0-CONNECTION. If I switch the plotter off and after that on, the computer sends another package (again about 20%) from the job, but nothing happens on the cutter. I though maybe the syncronization of the drivers could be the problem, but I checked everything and seems ok: Bit per sec: 9600 Databits 8 Parity None Stop bits 1 Flow control: hardver. These are same in the Signcut and in the USB-to Serial Comm Port (COM3) properties. Unfortunately in the COM3 driver properties the Advanced button does not show what the manual tells: setting to use it as serial printer, etc... It shows: Use FIFO buffers and the Receive Buffer and Transmit Buffer can be set (it is low (1) but if I change this, nothing happens on the cutter). What I missed? I am working on it for almost 2 days without a success... Any suggestions? Regs, Aromo
  2. Hi, I have a problem with SignCut and don't find the solution: if I send something from SignCut Pro to the plotter, it cuts the objects well, but after finishing it cuts a rectangle around the work. The problem is, that this is too close to the cutted work and not easy to handle it. How I can deny in the software not do the final rectangle cut around the objects? Or How I can set a higher distance between the cutted objects and the rectangle? Cutting preview did not showed this rectangle, but if I see the main window of SignCut Pro, a blue rectangle (that I though the end of the imported object) is always around the object. I imported the work from ai and no rectangle was around the objects... Thanks for help!
  3. Hi, does anybody knows if 230-250 micron thick vinyl is too heavy for PCUT 1200? What should do if we need to cut this type of special vinyl? The vinyl manufacturer writes: SUPER T.T. 1000 is recommended for cutting with most common plotters. We tried to remove 2 paperweight wheel from the 4 but it seems it cannot cut precisely if 2 or more rows are included in the work. Thanks for advises!
  4. Hi, thanks for all for help! I tried out on another machine and it works fine... I gave up to searching for the error, as the port is still unavailable. We reinstalled windows and first the cutter was installed. This solved the problem, don't know why. I found in the meantime a very good cutter software: This can simulate and show how the cutting knife will work and if you use CorelDRAW, you can set how the knife will work. Simple use layers and cutter will cut first the layer that is in the background and follows until reach the highest level of the layers (top level). This is very good as the cutter does not cut from row to row, it cuts complex objects....
  5. When you say the baud rate on the plotter, you mean the check the Control Panel/System/Device Manager/COM3 port/Advanced settings baud rate and the baud rate in the Flexi software? I haven't found any other baud rate for this plotter (maybe on the machine...)
  6. Hi, I have PCUT1200 and have a problem: if I want to start cutting, in the production manager I got a message: cannot open port error. If I go into the production manager and click again and send the work again, sometimes it starts, but the interesting thing: I see the increasing percentage of the finished work... but nothing happens on the cutter! What I missed? If I am sending a test cut to the plotter, it works sometiimes, but sometimes I get similar cannot open port error. The port is COM 3. It is a USB connection but for working it had to install the USB-Serial adapter driver from manufacturer. Any ideas? Thanks! Aromo