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  1. davey1903

    Vinyl Not tracking straight

    Any advice on software? I'm using Vinyl Masters, and old school Signbalazer
  2. Hoping someone might be having the same issue as I am. I make 15"x50 " Advertisements that I install on new cars at the car dealerships ie: $5,000/off, and they display them in their fronts yards to captivate customers attention. All these advertisements that I make I'm putting a 1/2" border around them. As of lately all my borders are not consistent. meaning left side starts at 1/2", and ends up being 1/4". I've played around with the pinch rollers, but still getting the same result. I have an MH871. Any insight would be deeply appreciated. This picture I've attached is one I did before I started having this problem to give you an idea what I'm doing.
  3. davey1903

    MH871 Cutting crooked

    I'm having a problem cutting jobs that are 50" long 15" tall with borders. When it feeds through the cutter from front to back it not staying straight. The border is 1/2", and at one end it's fine but as it cuts the border gets narrower. If I run this job with a pen it runs fine. It just all of a sudden started happening. Please help!
  4. Can one pleaes tell me how to get rid of the trial sign in times. I'm really tired of waiting for it to count the times I've signed in
  5. A customer sent me a new business logo in a jpeg format. Could someone pleeeeeeeeeeze explain to me how I can import this and make it cutable. Please tell me step by step. I should have had this to him a week ago
  6. davey1903

    Can Someone help me please

    EPS I think Like I said I'm new to this whole thing. If there was a class offered I'd be front row
  7. davey1903

    Can Someone help me please

    I just registered on clipart.com to import a holly leaf, I have signblazer as my sotkware. I can't figure out for the life of how to get this leaf to my cut screen. The leaf also has 2 red berries that I want to cut sepperatly in a different color. I'm new to this whole vinyl cutting thing. Please help
  8. davey1903

    Looking for a nissan logo

    Thank You Kenya But now how do I open these files and export them into my signblazer I'm really new to this whole thing please help me
  9. davey1903

    Looking for a nissan logo

    Is there a place or software that has a bunch of different logos. I do alot of work for local car dealers here. My nissan dealer has asked me to make them some decals that has the nissan logo on it Please help
  10. davey1903

    Newbie In Charlotte

    I'm new to this whole vinyl cutting thing and would love if someone in my hometown here would be willing to give me a crash cousre on learning how to do things with my signblazer software. I would be willing to compensate them for thier time
  11. I'm new at this whole thing of cutting vinyl. A customer has asked me to make a vinyl decal that is shaped like a x-mas tag You knoe the one that would be rectangled but at one end it would go towards a poin but not an exact point. I'm making these to install on cars at a local car dealership. Is ther another software package that would have this. I could also use different car logos too.
  12. I'm new to this whole cutting thing and was ask to make the shape of tag The kind you would see on a Christmas package. You know the one where there would be a hole at the end of it to put a string through. Please Help Desperate Thank you
  13. davey1903

    Looking for some help

    Please help. Need to learn fast give me some resources Please