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  1. breedapart2

    black boxes in display

    I must say, that it is "cheap Chinese crap". In my defense, if the manual was written by people who had a good command of the English language, and knew how to properly write an operating manual, there would have been no problem. Someone here on the forums who is an experienced user should write a manual, and work with uscutter on producing it. Uscutter has the responsibility to it's consumer to provide an accurate understandable operating manual. We aren't buying a pair of shoes on-line for forty dollars. We are spending hundreds of dollars. They are trying to save money by circumventing this and allowing the "Chinese maker" to include "their" English version manual. Which is, less than adequate. Uscutter is only a middle man and auctioneer anyways. You must know this. If you don't, then I am sorry you do not have the ability or authority to know this. That is why uscutter has this website forum. It is cheaper to get your consumers help for free by someone else on a "forum" than spend money to do it right. Still a fan of uscutter but, they underestimate the intelligence, authority and positions in the government, and the community of some of their customers. They should be very carefull, and ethical. Nobody on the forums seems to want to acknowledge uscutters inadequacy's. Most of the people on this forum are pro-uscutter because the majority of them are employed by, or are helping uscutter on eBay with shill bids and with "feel goods" on this forum. If Marcus Oesterwinter would like to address these questions personally. I would be more than happy to speak with him in our Seattle district field office. Other than that, I appreciate all the help and questions from legitimate unbiased people here on the forum.
  2. breedapart2

    black boxes in display

    James, Thank you very much. You and everyone are so helpful. Even though I am a bit frustrated (mainly do to the terrible way the manual is written, and english language usage that makes things even more confusing), I couldn't find a better deal for a cutter anywhere. I recieved an email from support within an hour of my request. Very nice. I would still buy another cutter from uscutter in the future, as long as you guys around. I have the cutter working now. Yeah! But, I can't get the blade carrier to stop hitting the red botton on the side and freezing up the machine. I turn the machine off and manualy move the "carrier" off the button but, once you turn it on, it does it again. Any help is appreciated. Michael,
  3. breedapart2

    black boxes in display

    Good advice. I have been working with it most of the day. At what point do I stop? Until the "warranty" runs out? You didn't offer any suggestions to correct the problem. Patience is a virtue but, what formula is used to decide how long one should be patient? If you bought a new car and the next day it wouldn't start to get you to work, and you spent hours trying to get it started. At what point do you stop being patient? I don't mean to sound obtuse but, at almost $400 bucks, and it being brand new out of the box. I have a right to be a bit upset. The manual says it needs the maintanance center when this happens. What? What is it going to cost me to fix my brand new out of the box cutter? I checked voltage with a voltage meter, and the voltage is good. I have it hooked up to an uninterupted battery back up power supply and protector as well. I hope everyone understands that I mean no disrespect. I just would like help, and I am venting a little. Everyone here is a great help and very nice. If someone can help me, that would be great. Thank you.
  4. Hello again, I got the software to load on my other computer that uses windows xp. The machine started ok and then froze up with "waiting" on the screen for 15 minutes. I had to turn the machine off. I turned it back on again, and now all I get are black boxes on the screen. I just bought this thing a few weeks ago. I didn't get to try it out until today because I was called away overseas on an assignment. I just got back and tried the cutter. The 15 day return is over. I think I made a bad choice with buying from uscutter and this chinese crap. In the long run, I was the dumb ass. I spent weeks reading everyones posts here on the forums praising these cutters, and uscutter before I decided to buy. Buyer beware I guess. Anyone want a pcut that doesn't work? Cheap price.
  5. Hello, Nothing that the manual says will happen happens when I follow the instructions for installing the driver. I put the cd in, nothing happens. I plug the machines in, and the found new hardware wizard comes up. The manual is showing a different version of windows I think. I have windows vista. I tried installing new hardware manualy from control panel and it gave me the windows 32 bit system error. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  6. breedapart2

    Need Help Choosing Please.

    Thanks again Fivestar. I don't know what I would do without this forum. Everyone is so helpfull and full of knowledge. I will most definetly be asking more question as soon as I get my cutter. I am going to buy the Laserpoint on Friday.
  7. breedapart2

    Need Help Choosing Please.

    Thank you fivestar. I assume your answer would mean that the easiest to learn, and to operate no frills contour cutter would be the laserpoint. I don't know anything about cutters. I suppose I have no business jumping into it but, I want to be able to cut heat transfers for my softball team, my kids hockey, various household vinyl graphics, etc. I wanted to be able to print out a picture on my printer and have the cutter cut out the excess. Like the Superman logo as an example. Small home projects. I looked at the "Crikut" but, it is very limited when it comes to graphics and fonts. Kind of "cheesy" if you ask me. I don't want to have to buy fifty different cartridges for just a few fonts. Anyways, I hate to be a pest but, can a laymen such as myself without any other equipment and software be able to contour cut with other than the laserpoint? Cost IS an issue for me. I appreciate your valuable time.
  8. breedapart2

    Need Help Choosing Please.

    Hello, I want to buy a vinyl cutter, and I have narrowed it down to three that are affordable for me but, I would like to know if the "Laserpoint 24" is the only "value" contour cutter. The three that I have chosen are; the PCUT, MH721 and the laserpoint 24. I would like a unit to cut contour. Can the PCUT and MH721 contour cut? Thank you for your help.