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    126" tall blank banner rolls - black?

    Doh, I guess I should have paid more attention to that... I have seen those before but had a different idea of how it worked - for some reason I always thought the roller folded the material as you pushed it forward so I never even bothered looking at it again when this problem came up! Thanks for your help jaybird!
  2. nanosplit

    126" tall blank banner rolls - black?

    That's what I figured... do you by chance know if there is a way to maybe heat weld two sheets together to make a 10' tall setup?
  3. nanosplit

    126" tall blank banner rolls - black?

    Does anyone know where I could buy 126" tall banner blank rolls (no grommets, hems, etc...) in black? I've found a few places (including USCutter) that sells rolls like this, just none are black. Weight isn't too important for this application so 10oz+ is fine. I'm just not sure if I'm searching wrong terms or what... What I'm needing to make are 10' tall panels that vary between 10' wide and 20' wide. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. nanosplit

    Best way to layer this logo?

    Actually OWJones, that's exactly how I am setting it up to do now. After playing with the logo some more I realized the black would be the best background layer with the blue on top. We'll see how it goes! Just finished weeding all the material so getting ready to tape and start the application. I will eventually be printing these, been shopping around for a good used printer to start out with. I actually do a ton of work with this organization but unfortunately each job is kind of unique in size, so no real way for me to efficiently buy a batch of prints. Thank you for the response mark-s and OWJones!
  5. nanosplit

    Best way to layer this logo?

    Hello all, I am trying to figure out the best way to layer the attached logo and get it setup correctly to cut. In the past I had just cut out the various colors then aligned as best I could but I'm not happy with the results as there are little gaps in various spots, I can never get a perfect seam. I was thinking the blue first, then the black, then pink, then yellow. Only issue I'm having at this point is I can't get the blue to completely fill in so that I'm left with basically a big blue circle. I was attempting to just draw a new one to substitute in but it's actually not a perfect circle and was just having issues getting a good alignment... I'm still learning on the vector side of things, so I'm not sure if I am making things harder on myself or if this one is just a doozy! I'm using Corel if it matters... logo.svg